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Nightcapping PS NA

  • xFocused
    PS NA GH EP player here.

    I work full time Monday-Friday, I'm up at 2-3am so I can be to work by 5am, come home and if I'm not overly tired, hop into Cyro.

    I personally don't like the map being all red because it does make PvP boring so you either go do PvE, BG's or just play something else. However, I will say that every alliance nightcaps. Maybe not as much as the other one but every alliance has their time when they paint the map red/yellow or blue. EP might be at night, AD and DC during the day. You can't exactly punish players for where they live and when they get to play.

    I wouldn't suggest adjusting score but maybe take the alliance who has 1 bar or no bars and make their keep walls have more health, same with guards, increase those things so that its not overly easy to zerg the entire map.

    But then again as I'm typing this...AD has EMP and 4 scrolls, lol...
    EXÏLED PS NA Ball Group
  • Tzirzhalir
    It's not about punishment it's about balance.
  • Tzirzhalir
    Ep currently have a 14,000 score lead. Yes alliances do it but not on the scale of having that much score. You came up with some pretty good ideas though Focused, I hope we can see some positive changes in cyrodiil soon.
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