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whats a tiny nitpick about eso lore that gets under your skin?

  • Supreme_Atromancer
    Hurbster wrote: »

  • xbluerosesx
    Soul Shriven
    The Ebonheart Pact itself, why TF would argonians ever ally with the dunmer?

    And the Daggerfall Covenant is kinda dumb too. Bretons and Redguards hate Orcs.

  • kumenit_taeynav
    The Ebonheart Pact itself, why TF would argonians ever ally with the dunmer?

    And the Daggerfall Covenant is kinda dumb too. Bretons and Redguards hate Orcs.

    same with the Aldmeri Dominion, specifically for Khajiit and Bosmer. if you dig into creation stories youll know that Khajiit were once at least very similar to Bosmer but chose to follow Azurah and changed their forms to become the Khajiit, shapeshifting is an ultimate no-no to the Bosmer and Y'ffre along with the Green Pact. Y'ffre got so pissed at the Khajiit that she scorched the northern half of Elsweyr giving us the deserts of Anequina.

    fair enough on the Khajiit for not making a big fuss over religion 24/7, theyre a varied people. the Bosmer on the otherhand, if youre not faithful to the Green Pact the Green sets out to kill you and doesnt care who they have to go through to get you. id think there might be a bit more tension over that
  • KingArthasMenethil
    RebornV3x wrote: »
    One that hasn't been mentioned is portal magic...
    portal magic is so inconsistent sometimes absolute no name NPCs can use portals no problem and then you have others that are completely exhausted after making a portal even experienced mages I know there a deus ex machina type thing for writers but its all over the place.

    Also with portal magic so seemingly widespread why even use ships.

    Honestly the mess with portals is fault of the series. It had no downsides and you could teleport about to places fine in TES3. But because they never talked of limitations it let ESO got a bit crazy with them to the point portals are very overused to the point of being used in war in PvP Cyrodiil and Stonefalls/Bal Foyan If I recall (as in a portal cast by people and not some Ayleid shenanigans like in DC/AD zone where one of them connects to each other).
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  • fall0athboy
    Soarora wrote: »
    It's definitely not just you! I don't keep track of my complaints but I know common ones are the geography on the maps and how Lusty Argonian Maid is in ESO when it should not be, and I was irritated to see vale deer in Blackreach... why are they there? They're VALE deer... as far as I know The Vale isn't connected to Blackreach. If I end up with any more I'll be sure to come back here!

    Well, the Vale Deer probably escaped from Nchuthnkarst, which is having some sort of portal/time things going on there.
  • kumenit_taeynav
    one thing that really gets under my skin, like its in real deep, is the fact theres goblins on vvardenfell.

    i think they could survive there, the way mirri talks about them makes them seem like cockroaches, but i dont think they fit the vibes of vvardenfell in the slightest mostly bc of tes3 worldbuilding. in tes3 they went balls to the wall with weirdness when it came to worldbuilding. it doesnt have very many connections to the generic bits of the fantasy genre such as unicorns and ogres, instead morrowind is populated with cliff racers and kagouti and adorable guar. goblins are a very generic fantasy creature, if youre gonna do worldbuilding by the books youre prolly gonna add in goblins bc everyone else has goblins.

    i dont think goblins fit well with the strange ans weird vibes. they dont even need to be all over vvardenfell like they are currently bc they only appear in one side quest. even then they could prolly be replaced by bandits or cliff striders in that one quest.

    if vvardenfell in eso was ever required to have goblins and i were in charge of the worldbuilding id do it differently. maybe they were part of some circus troupe that came to vvardenfell to perform for vivec but of course vivecs a bit busy with the zones main quest and had to reschedule the performance. the troupe was p much on hold and the goblins grew restless and broke out of their cages. now free they take refuge in a nearby delve. the delve quest and the daily associated with the delve could be about killing the goblin chief who organized the breakout and gathering materials the goblins took from the circus. thats how id do it if goblins were a requirement for some odd reason bc goblins just dont belong on vvardenfell
  • psychotrip
    Oooh this is an easy one!

    Altmer being afraid of conjuration, and killing conjurers for summoning "even an atronach".

    This is from an Auridon quest where an npc explicitly says this. I used to have it screenshotted since people apparently missed the quest and didnt believe me (its still on the forums somewhwre).

    Keep in mind, Altmer literally, LITERALLY, wrote the book on daedra summoning, daedric magic, and sigil stones. Its called Liminal Bridges and its written by an Altmer woman from ALINOR.

    Keep in mind, I was literally an Altmer playing as a sorcerer at the time. Keep in mind that Altmer have a bonus to conjuration in every game, and even as recently as Skyrim, Altmer mage enemies (like Thalmor) are constantly summoning daedra.

    Altmer hate NECROMANCY against elves. Thats true. Most Altmer refuse to WORSHIP daedra. Thats also true. But for some reason ESO decided to expand this to the entire school of conjuration. It makes the Altmer seem like puritanical prudes instead of the masters of magic they've always been portrayed as. But making the Altmer more boring has been a priority for ZOS since ESO released.

    Also, isnt there a literal GHOST MERCHANT in Firsthold? Cant remember the details but I thoufht he was summoned by some wizard. Thats fine, I guess?

    Reason why I consider this a nitpick is that this was written in early ESO where they REALLY didnt seem to give a damn, and I'm almost certain its been retconned / contradicted by now.

    But it makes zero sense on its face, and new players will still run into that quest and get the wrong idea about the Altmer. I swear, its like ESO treats them like priests instead of mages sometimes.
    Edited by psychotrip on September 8, 2023 5:50AM
    No one is saying there aren't multiple interpretations of the lore, and we're not arguing that ESO did it "wrong".

    We're arguing that they decided to go for the most boring, mundane, seen-before interpretation possible. Like they almost always do, unless they can ride on the coat-tails of past games.
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