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excessive tanking is ruining ToT

  • NoSoup
    The more i play the more comfortable I'm becoming with the timer. While yes, there's the occasional troll its by no means ruining the experience for me, if anything it makes the win sweeter.

    I think only a simple change is enough to address the most toxic issues without disadvantaging newer/slower players is enough. Simply making the time instantly wind down to 10 seconds once the player has no viable moves left would suffice.

    As it is, player numbers are dropping off. Any additional barriers to getting unfamiliar players playing will only hurt ToT more.
    Formally SirDopey, lost forum account during the great reset.....
  • SerenityC84
    I'm dealing with this situation right now. I'm so mad, I want to quit but I won't.
  • bongtokin420insd16
    Truthfully, the timer can be annoying, but to punish those that need the time because some take advantage would limit the ability of some to play, and I think we would all hate to do that.

    I think the best suggestion is the options idea. If i choose a mode that allows only a minute per turn, then i can only be matched with those who want the same(Much like how chess sites of Fantasy football sites are ran). I feel that would end trolling because trolls would be paired with trolls lol.

    Kaz_Wastelander PS4NA
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