Maintenance for the week of November 27:
· [COMPLETE] NA megaservers for maintenance – November 28, 4:00AM EST (9:00 UTC) - 6:00PM EST (23:00 UTC)
· [COMPLETE] EU megaservers for maintenance – November 28, 9:00 UTC (4:00AM EST) - 23:00 UTC (6:00PM EST)
The maintenance is complete, and the PTS is now available.

Is the Lobby OK? I think someone needs to call it an uber.

It definitely should not be driving on its own tonight.
  • notyuu
  • ItsNotLiving
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  • LunaFlora
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  • EramTheLiar
    Er... sorry. I thought it made sense at the time.

    For a long time last night when I tried to log into PTS I kept getting message after message about how I couldn't connect to the lobby, that I'd timed out of the lobby, that I had randomly disconnected from the lobby. Apparently it was just me?
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  • Saucy_Jack
    No it was happening to me too about two days ago. It's also happening right now.
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  • Synaryn
    Yeah, it's been happening to me on and off too. Thought it was my rural internet.
  • EramTheLiar
    OK, so it wasn't just me. I'm just too obscure. :grin:
  • BenevolentBowd
    Saucy_Jack wrote: »
    No it was happening to me too about two days ago. It's also happening right now.

    I just tried and I got the Error 334: lost lobby connection.
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  • virtus753
    Same here. Lobby timeout and then lost lobby connection.

    Was also suffering rollbacks and kicks to character select.
  • chessalavakia_ESO
    Yeah, I probably got booted due to the lobby a dozen times this week.

    I decided to halt reporting npc's that I couldn't attack because, I did a second play-through of part of the main quest and I had an npc that I am 95% sure I killed the first time through that I couldn't hit the second time which might suggest the inability to hit might be a server issue not an npc issue.
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  • Elsonso
    They need a bigger lobby...
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  • phileunderx2
    Pts is drunk or something.
  • Faulgor
    Have had issues since patch day, but now it's unplayable.
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  • BetrayedTemplar
    Yes, I too have had both "timed out" while logging into the game and disconnects while traveling/zoning since the patch. Unplayable as it happens so frequently.
  • SilentRaven1972
    Same. I created a character to test, got booted when I hit "create". (At least the character was created) Couldn't log back in until I shut everything down. Logged in, tried to travel to my home, got booted. Went thru all the hassle again, logged in, tried to travel by wayshrine to the Rift...Booted again. This is why I didn't prepurchase, I can't even test. Now I remember why I haven't done any serious playing in over a year :/
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  • Dojohoda
    After a short time out, the lobby is the next stop.
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  • blktauna
    Getting the same thing on PC NA
  • Strangerlove
    Soul Shriven
    I am getting the same on the normal EU-server. Lost lobby connection or timed out on loading screens. Like 5 times a day.
  • RaddlemanNumber7
    PTS lost lobby connection once while trying to log in, once while loading the first character, then again when trying to zone for the first time. I give up :(
    PC EU
  • cyberjanet
    Sunday 23 April and it's still happening. I can't login at all.
    Edited by cyberjanet on April 23, 2023 12:34PM
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  • BetrayedTemplar
    Sunday, April 23....
    Still unplayable. About 50% of attempts to login result in timed out. Once in the game, most travels or zoning causes disconnect error 334 lost lobby connection.

  • YandereGirlfriend
    PTS has been degrading all weekend. Tonight it kicked me or failed to log me in like 15x before it worked. Needs fixing, ASAP!
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