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New Feature ? - Random Roll

I do not recall seeing this in the patch notes, but I believe this is a new feature ! If so then it would be very helpful for Console Guilds for doing random number picks for raffles etc. OR for Guilds on PC that do not use Discord bots for their rolls.
  • Serenez
    So what it looks like is an option to use /roll ? and it will give you the three different types.

    First type /roll is a random number out of 100

    Second type is /roll (then whatever number enter here) example /roll 50, /roll 5000 etc.. and it will give you a number between 1 and the number you select

    Third type /roll 2-12 is a range option which can be whatever you select whether it is /roll 500-1000 or whatever range you choose

    This says it is for you and your 'group', but I am wondering if there is an option to output results to Guild Chat as this would be extremely helpful?

    Is there an option to exclude numbers for numbers already drawn, so asking it to do a range but exclude numbers 50, 125 and 700 for example, for drawing multiple numbers for guild prizes etc. ?
  • phaneub17_ESO
    /roll 20
  • Soarora
    I don't think it's new, pretty sure I've seen it before but I don't delve much into / commands. Nice outfit by the way!
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