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Bug or Undocumented Change: Blastbones and all morphs have extra time added before explosion.

This is either a bug or an undocumented change to Necromancers. The skill Blastbones and all its morphs are now spawning in a new location. On PC/NA live server, the blastbone skeleton spawns in front of the caster as seen in the video below. On PTS servers, the blastbone skeleton spawns to the side, and a little behind the caster, also seen in the video below.

This is a small adjustment but it almost completely ruins the flow of Necromancers in PvE.

Currently, on live servers, if you are in melee range with a target and cast blastbones, there is enough time to use 2 other skills (2 Global Cooldowns of 1 second each, or GCD) before the blastbones explodes and you can cast blastbones again. A very seamless flow of skill order/class identity.

On PTS, if you are in melee range with a target and cast blastbones, there is still enough time to use 2 other skills (2 GCDs) before the blastbones explodes, AND an additional ~ 0.5 seconds (One half of a GCD). This additional time puts the player into a limbo where the blastbones is about to explode, so they cannot yet recast the skill, and there isn't enough time to do an entire singular GCD skill.

It may seem very minor from watching the examples in the video. But in group PvE content where the flow of the fight can be heavily altered for the worse by a singular cast of an incorrect skill. As well as the sheer amount of skills cast during a boss fight in any trial or dungeon, this "limbo" time quickly adds up and results in a very unenjoyable experience for the class.
  • Grim_Overlord
    I was hoping to see someone post about this because I couldn't tell if it was Blastbones being buggy or just my internet instead.

    On testing Necromancer on PTS I have encountered the same issue, exactly as described in the above comment. If this is an intended change then it is a massive nerf to Necromancer PVE DPS on top of feeling extremely clunky for those who have become used to the Blastbones rhythm that makes Necromancer rotations distinct from other classes.

    Whether this is a bug or intended change, please restore Blastbones to its current live serve functionality as soon as possible as this "limbo time," as described by soulreaper1213 will be a death knell for the class in DPS roles.
  • DjMuscleboy02
    To add to this, blastbones is the necros highest damage skill. In 30 seconds of fight time, you can expect 8-10 blastbones casts. In just 30 seconds on PTS that number drops to 5-7 and over a 4 minute fight that is a significant damage loss for Necros.

    I ran through some logs and in about 2:25 fight time on live I am getting ~34-37 blastbones but on PTS in the same time I'm only getting 22-25.
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  • CameraBeardThePirate
    Add it to the list of issues Necro Pets have. Really sad to see that one of the only abilities propping the class up is taking a hit, bug or intentional.
  • sh4d0wh4z3
    Put in an official bug report and place it in the bug report thread for abilities and skills so there's a greater chance for the devs to see the bug.
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