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Event Vendor for the birthday event?

So is there an event vendor around right now to sell muse parts and such during this new event?
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  • LunaFlora
    the impressario is at her tent in

    Auridon outside Vulkhel Guard,
    Stonefalls outside Davon's Watch,
    Glenumbra outside Daggerfall,
    Vvardenfell outside Vivec City,
    Blackwood outside Leyawiin,
    Northern Elsweyr outside Rimmen,
    Summerset outside Alinor,
    High isle outside Gonfalon Bay,
    Craglorn near Belkarth on the Festival Grounds

    there's a calendar symbol on the map where she is if i recall correctly
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  • Thee_Cheshire_Cat
    thank you!
    Lady Kat, from the Cheshire Cats.Interested in HEAVY RP? IC at -all- times?
  • ZOS_Bill
    With the OP question now answered, we have decided to close the thread going forward.
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