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KOH (Heavy WW PvE & PvP) (Xbox - North American) (Red) (Blue)

Keepers Of the Hunt is the Last Remaining LEGIT Werewolf Guild that consists of Heavy Content in both PvE & PvP (Red) ( Grey Host) / (Blue) (Imperial City) and actively recruiting New and Remaining Veteran Players Looking to either run as a pack Or Run Solo on Normal and Vet content. Most folks say it is Impossible to Run content like that on werewolf because of all the changes with werewolf we Keepers of the Hunt is here to prove you wrong is very possible with theory crafting and building diversity we will teach you what to look for when building your own personal build make folks say why you're running that, your crazy, etc., etc. (No internet Builds here) we teach stuff you are not going to find on the internet that folks don't talk about and there aren't that many werewolf streamers that are left. Keepers of the Hunt still teach folks the path of Hircine. But, if not willing to learn and listen then we do not have time for you (Roleplayers Look somewhere else)

(Tabards must be worn during guild events and PvP)

Mon to Thurs: Zone Clearing (everything in that Zone)

Friday: Dungeon(s) / World bosses (tribute Day)

Saturday & Sunday: Werewolf 101 ( discuss minimum Stats, Skills, CP, Sets, Mobility, Rotations, etc.)

Guild House: Hunter's Glade (dueling arena, Mundas, stations, dummies, Werewolf Lorebooks)

Guild Wide event: PvP all day ( random Day during 7-Day Week)

: In order to rank up in the guild be active in PvE & PvP and in the guild/ if you need help reach out to the officer core there for Questions and Concerns

But, Our Main Goal is to teach and better the Werewolf Community as a whole and we won't give up on the Game or on you. Hircine is always with you.

If interested DM on Xbox for an Invite into the guild Gamertag: Harlogaming7795
Frensiflr lvl 50 cp 810 ebonheart pact
Watches-has-you-die lvl 50 cp 810 ebonheart pact

And other cp character
" In order to reach the top of the mountain, you must reach the bottom of it first"
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