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New furnishing plans from Galen

A set of 27 new furnishing plans can be found in Galen Reward Coffers earned by completing Delve and World Boss daily quests in Galen.
These plans include a variety of walls, platforms, and hearths, as well as a working door, several Druid monoliths, and a variety of twisted Firesong sculptures.

Why do i find old furnishing plans from High Isle in Galen reward coffers? Yesterday i recieved one new plan and 2 already existing furnishing plans from High Isle. If i would still be in need for this stuff i would do dailies in High Isle. In Galen i am expecting something new (also still waiting for the new motifs, hope they will soon be implemented to game too).

I hope you did something wrong and will fix this. Thank you.
Edited by ZOS_Icy on March 14, 2023 4:56PM
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  • BaalMelqartu
    Galen has always had High Isle furnishing plans drop from the reward coffers. It has always mildly irritated me, so I'm with you.
  • spartaxoxo
    I agree. I don't like this change.
  • ZOS_Icy

    After further review we have decided to move this thread to a category we think is more appropriate for this topic.

    Thank you for your understanding.
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  • Marcusorion1
    Was hoping Rewards would be more skewed towards " new" myself; between nothing, old and new as options for the reward
    "new " has been very elusive for me, "nothing" is a clear winner.
  • Luke_Flamesword
    Yeah, it's annoying - this grind is not much fun in first place, we don't need more layers of grind in this.
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  • PDarkBHood
    Does anyone know if the floor (2nd and 3rd level) found in the new Fogbreak Lighthouse can be bought/found as a large platform furnishing? If not, here is a selfish plug for the floor as a furnishing plan. Thank you, and picture below.

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