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Housing Portal that's a Placeable Furnishing within the House

A suggestion to ZOS, would like to see furnishing that is a portal (or portals, we would need two), something we can place anywhere in the house, to move from one spot to another while still being in the same house. This would be ideal for those large home areas that come with no structures. We could port from one side to the another side, kinda like what we have at the Hunter's Glade, except we can move it.

To help illustrate my point for portals in homes. Recently I started a custom house in Coldharbor's Surreal Estate, built the house is below the floating platform. To enter the home, I needed to constructed a tunnel, which used something in the neighborhood of 300 furnishings, this eats up a large portion of our 700 furnishing limit. I could have more freedom and more furnishings inside the house if I had a portal.





I have plans for Pariah's Pinnacle but getting to the area is an obstacle. Its not so much about fast moving to an area, is being able to build in area without constructing long hallways or tunnels. I would love to build a small room with a portal, transporting you to the main structure.

ZOS will listen if enough players lobby for a in home portal, anyone thinks this is a cool idea?





Everyone is going in one direction, I'm going the other direction
  • Northwold
    Awesome work! This has been requested many, many times, particularly for the absolutely huge houses in which there's no way you can properly furnish the whole thing with the slot limit, and so have to pick a specific area.

    The most obvious example I can think of is the Gold Coast Ayleid ruin, which is enormous and has at least three distinct areas that you could use in full without touching the rest, but with a crazy trek to get to any of them. But also it would make houses with door after door after door worth buying (eg the Fargrave house -- if all you want is the garden it's a bit weird to have to go into and out of the house, likewise Potentate's Retreat, although the latter feels more natural because the house is a wreck, rather than a pristine house that you've just randomly left completely empty).

    Personally, my only request would be to not have a really over the top glowy thing. Some people decorate in that style, but if your place is more sober it'll stick out like a sore thumb.
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  • kind_hero
    I requested this many times, probably every time there is a big content update on the PTS.

    There are so many opportunities with portals, because of fast travel and building up. So much potential is being wasted without fast travel in houses. Many "houses" have remote areas that are awesome to build around.

    Portals would be ideal, but we could also benefit from wayshrines, ladders, grappling hooks and void anchors (Blackreach).

    Also, having portals to other houses would be great.
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  • w002exp
    In addition to portals another alternative is grapple hook nodes which are also already in the game. Realistically I would like both, but one or the other would do just fine for the start.
  • Jaimeh
    I really like this idea, and if they were to implement something like that, then I'd also like to see a portal that links to the entrance and can be placed anywhere within the confines of the house; the reason being that sometimes you might want to build something right in front or on top of the entrance, but then when you port to the house you are confronted with the build itself, so having a portal there that ports you to a custom entrance somewhere else in the house, would also be a great addition.
  • ghastley
    Presumably the portal would be two furnishings that link, as you need to place each end. Kushalit has Daedric ones, but you can walk from one end to the other, and the entrance is a matching item, too.

    I would imagine that establishing the rules for using them is one issue, as many homes have invisible walls, that portals could circumvent if not limited to places you can normally reach. Since you can place furnishings beyond the home’s boundaries, this means extra coding in the editor, which is probably why they don’t exist. That would also be an issue for grapple points, which only need one end, but it would still have to be an inside one.
  • PrimusTiberius
    Northwold wrote: »
    Awesome work!

    Thank you very much!

    Everyone is going in one direction, I'm going the other direction
  • Supreme_Atromancer
    Its a fantastic idea.
    Northwold wrote: »

    Personally, my only request would be to not have a really over the top glowy thing. Some people decorate in that style, but if your place is more sober it'll stick out like a sore thumb.

    Yeah. I think it would be ideal if it was just an invisible tile with the activate functionality (that could be outlined/selected in housing mode). That way we could put our own door to it.
  • Zurixadai
    Yes. Give me portals, ladders, the Grapple Bow posts, the geysers from Black Drake--I don't care, any and all of them.

    But most especially portals. Houses are too large to have no mounting AND no portals.

    Gameplay Wishlist:
    -Winterhold [In all of its still-standing, pre-sunken, "rivaling Solitude" glory!]
    -Frost class/skill line [Wardens count!]
    -Unarmed/monk class or skill line
    -Polearms/spears skill line [Aedric Spear counts, but...]
    -Bound Weapons skill line [Casters should have more than sticks, yeah?]
    -More skill lines in general

    Housing Wishlist:
    -Structure pieces, by the thousands! Walls, doors, stairs; everything from every racial/architectural style
    -More functional furniture: doors that open/close, portals to travel throughout one home, etc
    -"Lairs" or something similar: another separate, instanced space inside of a home
    -NPC's: guards and bards, all day
    -The Golden Vendor, but able to be placed in homes [Might help with some excess Cyrodiil traffic, maybe?]
    -The Luxury Furnisher, but also able to be placed in homes [... Look, homes are huge and I'm tired of them being empty]
    -Boat house [Fair Winds absolutely counts!]
    -Boat furnishings in general
    -Respec/redidication shrines
    -Wayshrines [I can just port to a guildmate, I guess, but...]
    -Undaunted pledge billboards/Undaunted NPC's
    -Crafting writ billboards
    -More mount/pet functionality when placed [Pathing counts!]
    -Guild bank/store access
    -Ability to repair gear at home [If traveling merchants in the middle of nowhere can do it, why can't I?]
    -Other, smaller, fun functionality, like farming or mini-games [Tales of Tribute absolutely counts!]

    QoL Wishlist:
    -Text search boxes [Praise Tall Papa, thank you.]
    -Item conversion/transmogrification [Outfit stations absolutely count!]
    -Previewer/dressing room [Outfit stations absolutely count!]
    -Instead of Arms Packs (or in addition to them), just sell me the blasted VFX
    -Gear loadouts [Armory system counts!]
    -Skill loadouts Armory system counts!
    -Cloaks [I know you said no, but I'm not taking it off my list.]
  • LikiLoki
    I like the idea of portals and I want ZOS to add them. It is also desirable that there are more alternative options for moving. Do you remember what we have Tamed Vine-Tongue ( we have a tool for this in the inventory, I expected it to work when I put it in my house, but it didn't happen. What about Grappling Bow? It has similar mechanics and this tool is also in the hero's inventory. I would like to use it at home to create amazing routes
  • katanagirl1
    I wonder if having a set of portals to use in your home would cause a problem because the placement of each one is undetermined and likely movable as you intend it, unlike the portals in Hall of the Lunar Champion.

    How would the game deal with that? The game engine is several years old now.
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