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Roadmap please.

Hello Dev's,
I've been around and about eso for a while now - engaging with most communities and content at one point or another.
While Iam generally unhappy with the direction the game is going I cant help myself but wonder what the ultimate goal is.

There was an idea of eso that was already well set-up and established. The idea of playing what you want on whatever class you want - which worked out. Most of the game does not require anywhere near the damage to clear the content and even the hardmodes and triple achievements are generally within reach provided dedication and willigness to better oneself.
However many of the core concepts that used to make the game great have been all but abandoned. Synergy Sets for example used to be a staple of the game and Alkosh being the prime example for great set design still holds a spot in many tank-players hearts as it not only required correct timing from the tankside but also encouraged the group to provide assist to their bulky-boi. Preferable Specs like magika for Asylum and Stamina for HoF have dissapeared entirely and have been swallowed up by hybridtization effectively halfing the amount of viable dps specs. Specific sets for specific raid encounters such as Mending have vanished as the players are tanky enough to withstand the damage and made the game less about wearing the right thing for the right boss and more about how we can slot the same 8 support sets on our group this time around.

I understand the idea was to make certain aspects of the game more approachable but what it has done is hardened the floor as there is now a definite bis instead of variation. It has removed alot of the mechanical players as their talents are no longer required and people rather bring someone who does bigger numbers rather than someone who can make sure the group does not wipe to a raid mechanic. Mythic items have tipped the scale into what is overpowered even further as they provide an effect far stronger than most monster sets while taking up a singular slot.

Thing is - even casual players have never been stupid. But whenever I would suggest a set adjustment to a less involved player he just looked at the grind and decided to himself that - with the chance of the next patch removing the now "bis" entirely it is simply not worth it. You must stop introducing so many menial sets and slow down the rate in which the meta changes - no matter how good someone is - if he can only invest a limited amount of time each week he has no chance to ever catch up.

So with that being said I would request a roadmap and a general idea of what the plan here is. From my point of view the idea appears to scale the game back to a degree that does not allow for an individual to distinguish him/herself. Which I believe was the whole point of an mmorpg.
cleared AA once i know what iam doing
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