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Looking for group channel/tool

Hey, quick feedback of on & off long-term ESO player:

We need some global communication channel/tool to find groups for trials/dungeons. And I don't mean LFR working like LFD. I mean a tool that lets you advertise there's a trial going on wherever players are.
Well moderated channel or something like WoW lfg that would not fall prey to 'WTS' spam - select trial, difficulty and requirements, let players sign up.

Spending whole day in crag to not miss out on pug raids instead of doing something else is not fun. As somebody that's in 5 guilds, I find it quite not enough while trying to get some spontaneous runs. I usually pug trial groups and have quite a decent experience doing so.
I bet there are thousands of players that share this point of view but they really don't participate coz standing near wayshrine isn't necessarily the most appealing activity.

Questing, antiquities and exploring the world, all could be done while not missing out on any groups that happen to want to do the same content as you.

That could also revitalize general trial participation and there's such a simple solution at hand.

Best Regards,
  • Highstake
    I recall the group tool from a former mmo game, SUN, where all type of groups could be formed in any region, with or without password.
    Those groups worked area based, so lets say you were in Mournhold, it would gather people in the area of Mournhold and not map wide. The invitation of people was the same as here, tho we had a lobby where we could see groups formed by area/dung, how many peeps inside/spot left.
  • Azirel
    It's just really about not forcing folks into Craglorn afk and the whole point is to make it global.
    I just simply can't understand why this has been in the game for so long.
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