165hz on a laptop supported?

Can I run ESO on a gaming laptop that have 165hz refresh mode, it is wired to the wall via extension cable. Or am I going to have black screen issues, thanks
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  • Necrotech_Master
    my desktop monitor is 165hz, so i frequently run the game at around 150 fps without any issues (the game by default has a hard cap of 100 FPS unless you adjust the settings)
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  • Oreyn_Bearclaw
    There are addons that allow you to unlock the framerate cap. 100 FPS seems like a weird place to artificially cap if you ask me. I have a 200hz Ultra wide monitor and 3080 TI. I typically cap at 144Hz. I think most people are kidding themselves if they think they can tell a difference much above that TBH. I can run very stable with my setup in ultra settings @ 144 hz @ 3440x1440. I have gone as high as 180, but the game is not quite stable that high. To my eyes, 144 locked looks better than frames bouncing from 165-180.

    Whether or not you can run 165 comes down mostly to your GPU, desired graphics settings, and Resolution of your screen (ESO specifically is also fairly CPU intensive). I can easily run 200plus frames in 1920x1080, but couldn't do that in Ultra Wide or 4k. I would only go as high as what you can run stable 99% of the time at your desired graphics settings and resolution. I want to run with max graphics on an ultra wide monitor, so with my setup, 144hz seems to be the sweet spot.

    Its essentially a 3 way balancing act. Pick your desired Graphics settings, your screen determines your resolution, and your GPU/CPU will determine how many frames you can pump out. I would cap 10-15% below of your average stable frame rate. If you rarely see 165 FPS, dont cap it there.
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  • Ragnarok0130
    There are addons that allow you to unlock the framerate cap. 100 FPS seems like a weird place to artificially cap if you ask me.
    I agree but this is a 2014 game started many years earlier when the PC masterrace was boasting about a standard 60FPS compared to the PS3/360's standard 30FPS so I'm not surprised about the 100Hz soft limit and am frankly shocked that we can reach 100FPS normally without issue given the games code issues.
  • Dreepa
    100 FPS limit so gfx card doesn't go all vacuum cleaner mode, I guess.
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  • DeltaForce64x
    Well thanks everyone and I do sorry for late reply. I did switched from 60hz to 165hz played a bit for like 20mins or so and my RTX 3060 and CPU cooked eggs on them so ı switched back to 60hz.

    Such a shame in todays tech laptop cooling still broken and I have no idea why people begging for thin laptops as they have very limited space for cooling.

    Mind you, somehow laptop works fine even when CPU power reduced to %25 max from Windows Power Settings AND still gets quite warm and hot. I have to use and monitor temps with HWinfo64 did put alarms for temps so I can become even more paranoid.
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