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How many surveys do you let build up before doing them?

I'm currently sitting on a about 40 of each and every survey in the game. Thinking it's about time.
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  • Xandreia_
    I've been known to get up to over 150 before I do them, then complain about them not all picking up at the same time instead of going back to the same spot 10 times in a row and i need to do them as I get them but never do lol
  • endgamesmug
    I do them after writs everytime otherwise its just a problem piling up for me
  • Hamish999
    I've been working my way through mine recently, only got 2 zones left to do.
    I had 25+ of each type on each zone 🤪
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    Stands-In-Stoopid - Argonian - Warden Tank - AD
    Talia al-Morwha - Redguard - Stamden - AD
    Makes-Fier-Wrong - Argonian - Stamblade - AD
    Busty-Argonian-Maid - Argonian - Templar Healer - AD
    Alaru Telvanni - Dunmer - Stamplar - AD
    Ko'Raehsi - Khajiit - Magsorc - AD
    Torhild Rock-Chucker - Nord - StamDK - AD
    Drusilla Larouche - Breton - MagDK - AD
    Ko'Khanni - Khajiit - Magden - AD
    Ilithyia Ectorius - Imperial - DK Tank -AD

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  • fizl101
    I only keep clothing and jewellery, and do them when I have 5 for that zone
    Soupy twist
  • Snamyap
    I do them after writs everytime otherwise its just a problem piling up for me

    Same, do writs on four characters and collect the survey's I get the same day.
  • zaria
    I say 3-5, then I might do others in the zone if easy to get to even if single.
    Some who is far from wayshrines often get get higher numbers.
    South east in Shadowfern, the alchemy one north in Malabal Tor.
    Who was funny as I did not know it was an location or an quest there before I got an survey there :smile:
    Grinding just make you go in circles.
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  • ProudMary
    I save them for when there is a weekly endeavor for collecting materials.
  • fred4
    Between 10 and 20. As I'm sporadic with doing writs, it can take me weeks to get that many.
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  • opalcity
    ProudMary wrote: »
    I save them for when there is a weekly endeavor for collecting materials.

    I do this, too
  • Nightowl_74
    About five to ten of each kind. I end up sitting on more treasure maps than surveys because the numbers throw me off, I don't remember which map goes with which spot, and being on console its a minor nuisance to look them up.
  • Danikat
    There's no specific number, it's just when I feel like they're taking up too much space and I have time and feel like doing them, or when there's an endeavour for collecting materials.

    I have 1 dedicated crafting character so he holds all of them, and the master writs and when he starts running short on inventory space it's usually because of one or the other, so then when I have time I'll clear them out.
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  • Fenris_Arainai
    I don't think I ever have more than 5 on a given character. I pick them up either when I'm in the area, when I wait for something (like guildies to gather for an activity) and have time to kill, or when it's an endeavour (gather 8 such&such, that's 6 done, and probably the remaining 2 on my way there).
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  • DinoZavr
    Normally what accumulates between Free ESO+ Trial events, which hopefully Zenimax hosts two or three times a year.
    4 months rough average is like 10..12 of each survey (with serious deviations) if you craft top tier daily on 18 characters.
    PC EU
  • Syldras
    I do them immediately now (or at least within 2-3 days, if I don't have time to do them instantly) not to clutter my inventory anymore. Before that, they sometimes stacked for a few weeks and I had about 3-7 each. I always found running back and forth at one spot for the respawn annoying and dead boring.
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  • NordSwordnBoard
    Currently without eso+, so I'm doing none of them. Sometimes I just destroy the inconvenient ones, especially if there's only one. When Craglorn and Wrothgar were the only ones to go to, it was done daily. I was also less rich in materials then, so the need was more immediate. The only ones I have any real desire to get are the jewelry ones, and I'm even starting to get enough cushion on those supplies as well.

    I've stopped doing daily crafting writs both because I have enough reserves to weather a bunch of gear changes and I'm tired of it. Part of the return on your writs is surveys, and if you skip them your supplies have no income. So I'm breaking the cycle and wasting less time in game doing chores.

    I really, really wish I could sell them or consolidate them like Aetherial Ambrosia uses up your Psijiic recipe.
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  • Soraka
    Too many!
  • jaws343
    Not necessarily and exact survey amount. But, what I usually do is store purple clothing and all jewelry I want to decon in my bank, along with surveys and treasure maps. I decon those items whenever my bank gets over 400 slots used. Once my bank is over 400 slots used even after deconning the purple stuff, I then do my surveys and maps.

    Without those things in my bank, I usually sit around 240-250 full in my bank. So 150+ slots of surveys and maps before I do them all. Usually every 3 months or so. And often while I am queuing for BGs or dungeons.
  • boi_anachronism_
    A lot. Like a lot. An entire chest at my house plus some bank space.
  • joergino
    all of them
  • Mithgil
    I tend to do the handful I get every day. Once in a while it will get to two or three days but I tend to avoid that. It only takes a few minutes and prevents a build-up of duplicate survey sites, which seems to be a very strong annoyance to all those that have them. I don't blame them. So I choose to do them on the daily.
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  • karthrag_inak
    Hold khajiit's skooma. (That number is 7847)

    PC-NA : 19 Khajiit and 1 Fishy-cat with fluffy delusions
  • karthrag_inak
    This one has done perhaps 1/3 of the surveys he has ever received.
    PC-NA : 19 Khajiit and 1 Fishy-cat with fluffy delusions
  • BenevolentBowd
    On all my various accounts and platforms (PC NA, PC EU, XBox NA), close to 10k.

    #StackingSurveys4Science Largest stack currently: 149.

    I'll do them when
    1. There's an endeavor for harvesting nodes from the world or collect survey report
    2. The market price of mats is over the gold reward of crafting writs
    3. I'm going to turn off my ESO+ for a while and I want to fill the craft bag.
    4. I run low on mats for crafting writs and I can't find any on my guild traders or the local traders in my crafting area. If I have to leave the area to get more, I might as well collect surveys for free.
    5. I've done my writs and waiting in a queue.

    If you use LazyWritCrafter, you can use the command /countsurveys to tell you how many surveys of each profession you have in your inventory and your bank.
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  • Zodiarkslayer
    I let them accumulate on my dedicated harvester. You kinda need one if you aren't ESO+.
    Only once I get close to running out, I will collect all surveys of that type. And only that type.
    This has proven to he the least amount of bother and the most time efficient way.
    read, think and write.In that order.
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