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M'aiq Glenumbra / achievement bug?

While working on the M'aiq achievement in Glenumbra, I found M'aiq in most known locations however each time M'aiq only said "come back later" and the achievement was not updated for Glenumbra.

Bug perhaps? I reloaded the UI a few times, logged out and back on but no change. Haven't had this issue anywhere else yet and I have several of the achievement locations with no issues prior to this.

I couldn't find any similar bug reports.
Edited by ZOS_Bill on February 7, 2023 5:18PM
  • Cin_Vhetin
    update; logged out/in again, looked at the achievement and Glenumbra had updated. Maybe was a lag issue with the server?
  • ZOS_Bill
    We appreciate the update regarding this achievement. With the achievement now showing after relogging, we will now close the thread going forward.
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