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Suggestion for "accept mismatched groups" TOGGLE in Dungeon Finder

So, my belief is that it should be possible to have a toggle, on a player-side basis, for Dungeon Finder to accept mismatched groups, so long as there was *no more than one* tank and *no more than one* healer.

So you could, depending on who you got paired up with, get 2DD 1T 1H, or 3DD 1H, or 3DD 1T, or 4DD.

And if you don't like that? If you want to be sure there's a tank in the group, un-tick that toggle, accept the longer wait, but be guaranteed 2DD 1T 1H.

And if you're prepared to take a chance on 4 DDs 0 Tank and discover that the group wipes too often because you hit a random dungeon for which a tank is actually needed, then tick that box.
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  • CrashTest
    A separate roleless or dps-only queue needs to be added for anyone who doesn't want/need the 1 tank, 1 healer, 2 dps setup.

    This would speed up dps queue times and prob reduce the fake role issue.

    There are dps who don't need a tank and healer and just want to speed run the daily random or speed farm gear.
  • jle30303
    THe reason I'm suggesting the above is just to avoid absurdities like ending up with an all-tank group, which could theoretically happen with a truly random situation. "No more than 1 tank" and "No more than 1 healer" should be enough.

    Also means that all the people who currently run "fake" roles would run this instead.
  • ZOS_Hadeostry

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  • pelle412
    People who run fake roles will use the queue that gets them into a dungeon faster, whichever way that turns out to be.
  • MidniteOwl1913
    Honestly, if you want to do this then an all DPS switch would make more sense. I would find it easier to plan for a group where I need to self-heal or expect that no one will pull the mobs and hold the boss than one where (like the worst of now) I have no idea what to expect from my fellow players.
  • M0ntie
    100% agree with this suggestion. It lets people play with other like minded players.
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