Official Discussion Thread, "Claim Your Free Guar-Lizard Calf Pet From The Crown Store Now"

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Official Discussion Thread for Article, "Claim Your Free Guar Pet From The Crown Store Now"

"For this week only, you can claim a free guar pet from the in-game Crown Store—don’t miss out!"
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  • HiveMind3006
    Yes thanks, I do like a pet at my side when appropriate.
    I would also like to echo Destai's comments. A little transparency would go such a long way with the community.
    Still a step in the right direction. We are all looking forwards to the Q&A.
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  • boi_anachronism_
    Y'all still have a lot of players that care, despite the endless disasters... You gotta do something meaningful to keep em. It's not just the hard core folks leaving now. All games have bad patches and you can look past a lot, but you can't look past a constantly broken game.
  • Kappachi
    Kind of wish we got crown crates over a guaranteed pet though; I heard that was the kind of thing that was offered before and would've loved to have a chance to get something cool.
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