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I haven't played the game in a few months, do I still get the free Firesong DLC?

Soul Shriven
I played the game pretty hard through the release of High Isle, got pathfinder, then uninstalled the game from my computer and told myself I'd come back when Firesong came around. I now see that there was some promotion to get Firesong for free if I already own High Isle; is that just automatically applied to my account or do I have to do something in-game to unlock it (when the DLC releases, obviously).

I wasn't planning on touching the game until the DLC came out, but if I need to do something in-game to get the free DLC I'd like to cover my bases. Thanks!
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  • ArchMikem
    Its time sensitive. You better check now to see if it can still be claimed.
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  • SilverBride
    You only have a week to claim it.

  • ZOS_Hadeostry

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  • Memory_In_Motion
    where is firesong on my map?
  • Maitsukas
    where is firesong on my map?

    It's not available yet. You gain ownership of the DLC if you claimed the reward bundle from the Crown Store. Full access to the DLC will be granted to you immediately after U36 launches.
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  • ZOS_Bill
    As the OP has gotten their question answered regarding getting the Firesong DLC, we will go ahead and close this thread. For further information please see our FAQ linked below.

    Why don't I have access to the Firesong DLC after acquiring the Heroes of High Isle Reward Bundle from the Crown Store?
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