Bought physical CE, no explorer's pack

I bought the Physical CE and I didn't receive the explorer's pack. I do have the stuff for the Imperial edition. How can I fix this? I hope I don't have to wait until I pick up the physical edition on Friday to get my stuff.
  • Donarion
    It's looking that way, at least for me. I ordered the physical CE from Amazon and got a 5 day early access. I can play the game, but don't have any of my items and I can't choose which faction I want because they are still race restricted. Apparently there is an Imperial key code in the box that you have to enter into your account to activate the Imperial stuff.
  • Ariane
    Items from the explorer's pack aren't supposed to be mailed until April the 4th, but some of them were sent earlier by mistake. Don't worry, you'll probably get them on Friday :)
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  • MathisBorgen
    I got my physical CE on friday, but the code for Explorers Pack doesn't work. So I guess you can't redeem it until official lanch.. At least I hope that's the case, since it says "Invalid code" when I try.. :-P
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