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Loremaster’s Archive Q&A- Systres Archipelago Druid Lore

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We are thrilled to reveal that Druid Laurel of the Stonelore has agreed to respond to some of your questions surrounding the druids. If you have a lore question about the druids of the Systres Archipelago or the isle of Galen, share them here! Our guest will answer as many as she can, delving into her own studies and experiences as a member of the Stonelore Circle
Please keep your druid-related questions specific to the topic, and as always, try to keep your questions succinct and no more than two or three lines. We'll leave this thread up for a week and give a 24 hr reminder. We’re aiming to collect and publish answers to your questions on the official ESO website in late October—just in time for Firesong’s launch!
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  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    Concur that it is wonderful to see these Q&A sessions occurring on a regular basis! :smiley:

    To the Esteemed Druid Laurel of the Stonelore Circle,

    How do the various druidic sects view the star signs and the stars in general?

    Respectful Regards,
    First Emissary Rohais, Craglorn Embassy
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  • CE_Nex
    Respected Druid Laurel,

    Spinner Girnalin of Elden Root speaks of how Y'ffre sings to Aetherius and interprets the laws of the Time-Dragon. She teaches that to interpret the song-tapestry of Y'ffre is to immerse the Self in hysteria with no fear. A concept which the Tribune Vivec claims is the Third Walking Way. What does Druidic lore say about this?

    C.E.Nex - Arch-Fool
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  • spartaxoxo
    How many Druids does it take to light a lamp post?

    What kind of food do the Druids eat? How do they procure this food?
  • Tyrvarion
    Thanks for yet another Loremaster Archive this year! It is always great to see those!

    Greetings Druid Ryvanna.

    1.It is my understanding that the Wyrd and the Druids come from the same roots. I heard some among the druid-folks have taken to shapeshifting to animals like those dire bears known as ursauks. I am curious how your arts differ from the Glenmoril Wyrd's shapeshifting - which is connected to the Stag Prince Hircine. I believe that folks of Systres do it in adherence to the True Way, yes?

    2. During the time I spent among the Stonelore Circle I heard of two Elk spirits: Una the Green Elk and the Elk of Arrows. Back in the Reach, some clans venerated spirits of sacred elks, and here elks seem important too. Could you tell me more about those two Elks? Is there any connection between them? If so, how are they connected and what do they represent?

    3.I know that Bosmer of the Valenwood, adherent followers of Y'ffre detest shapeshifting, yet the Druid folk, similarly to my own kin from the Valley of Karth seems to embrace such art. Where from such a difference in approach to this particular craft stems from?

    4.Can you tell me more about the Druidic Language? Is it the same language as Old Bretic, or perhaps the more modern Bretic? Additionally, did the Direnni and other neighbors of your ancestors such as Reachfolk influence it? Do the words Draioch, Galen and Tor have a translation in your language?

    May your spirits guide you.
    Tyrrosh of Clan Firewolf
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  • Aliyavana
    ZOS_Kevin wrote: »
    Aliyavana wrote: »
    Thank you for having a third Loremaster Archive this year! Happy to see Bretons getting some love!

    Glad you're pumped for the next one! Really excited to get more of a deep dive into the druids.

    really glad to see the community engagement with the amount of QAs we have been getting
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  • Raulfran891
    Soul Shriven
    It's an honor to meet you, Druid Laurel, and I sincerely hope that the Firesong Circle has not caused so much damage to the spirits of the Earthroot Enclave after its attack a short time ago.

    The reason for this letter was to see if you could help us clear up an issue that has been troubling the leaders of my guild, Aetherium Sankers. What could be the reason for the appearance of beings called "Chimeras" on the island of Galen? Is it some plan of the Firesong Circle or is it something beyond our continental knowledge?

    Respectful Regards,
    Barsai Firepunch, Knight Errant of Magnus
  • BlissfulDeluge
    Dear Miss Laurel,

    I hear House Mornard is exempting druids on Galen from all taxation! Is this true, and if so, how does one go about joining your quaint woodland cult? I would naturally need to arrange for builders to construct accommodations befitting my standards, reestablish my business on your island, and arrange food deliveries from Vastyr. I trust this would not be an issue?

    May the grass keep you (as you druids say),
    -Sir Colyn Fairfax, Owner of Fairfax Logging & Lumber

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  • Sovaliah
    To the Druid Laurel of the Stonelore Circle,

    High Isle is dotted by a number of monoliths and circular stones. I wonder, who constructed these sites? What purpose do they serve? Could they be astrological in purpose?

    I thank you for entertaining my musings.


    Lady Jehanne Rodayne
    Dunmer · MagSorc · PC-NA
    Co-GM of Heralds of Nerevar RP Guild
  • Gaebriel0410
    Thanks for giving us a third loremaster's archive this year! You have honestly added some great stuff this year, and I am happy to see even more of our lore questions answered ! <3<3

    Good day fair and fey maiden of the forest, I pray the luxurious wine is to your liking. I would gladly steal you away for conversation of a more frivolous nature, yet afore we resort to more wine and merriment,
    I shall pose to you my questions first:

    1) Besides Jephre and the spirits of nature that reside within all things, do the druids give praise to the lesser known old gods such as Druagaa of the Flowers and Raen of the Land, like we still do in some places in the mainland?

    2) Is there any connection between druidic shapeshifting and those who suffer from lycanthropy?
    Are druids able to cure or alleviate such afflictions?

    3) It is said that occasionally druids take on squires. Is this merely how cityfolk refer to a druidic apprentice,
    or are there druids who have actually attained knighthood?

    4) Did the druid kings of old take vassals in a similar way as the city folk do? Were you ever influenced by aspects of the feudal traditions that have existed in High Rock since year and day?

    5) Every trueborn Breton has the right to Quest and earn a better position in society. Since most druids are not reclusive like
    the wyrd, do the druids practice these Questing traditions as well, in some fashion?

    May your harvests ever be plentiful.
    Sir Gaebriel de Valdemere of Sancreval, Knight in the Order of Her Graceful Flower
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  • ArchMikem
    The Firesong Druids I believe are aiding the Ascendant Lord, however I think they have their own agenda. The Magic the Ascendant Magus cast seemed to irritate the Volcanic activity underneath the Systres. Magic believed to have been attained from Druids. Would the Firesong be attempting to cause an Eruption?
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  • The_Curator
    Soul Shriven
    “Druid Laurel! It is good to hear from you again! Those volcanic vents, am I right? Anyway. I’m actually here with another question. The other day, while I was resting in the shade of a maple tree, I saw a man turn into a bird. I followed the man-bird, as you do, and came upon a place I think they call the “Augury Monoliths”… a Druidic site I believe. I wondered of course. What ever was it for! But then I remembered I could just ask you… So miss Laurel! What on Nirn is that site for? Indulge this guild mage, if you please!

    Stars guide you,
    Magister Gwenaelle Mathis, Curator of the House of Antiquities.”
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    Druid Laurel,

    I have heard whispers of your ventures throughout my travels and I’ll admit, the hearing of these so called ‘Druids’ peeked my interest.

    I am Tadgh, of the Pine-Stalker Clan. It seems that out peoples, the Reachfolk and the Druids, share some similarities in our way of life and beliefs, and thus I have a few questions you might be able to answer.

    Recent sources show my ancestors inhabited the Reach before the arrival of Nords and Elves, can the same be said for the ancestors of yours? And if so, at what point did the schism between Reachfolk and Druid happen? I wonder if there could be some consolidation of our people in the future?

    From what I have learnt, you Druids revere Y’ffre, an Elvish god of nature. My people hold Old-Elk Eye - the one you call Hircine, responsible for the the wilds. Is there some relationship between the various nature gods of the world (Hircine, Peryite, Kynareth/Kyne, Y’ffre etc) despite their Aedric or Daedric origin, and how do they each influence the world? It is said that Daedra cannot create, but the Reach and Khajiit perspective lends doubt to this theory, as well as the existence of seemingly natural creatures created by Hircine, such as a the Unicorn, and what is your peoples opinion on Hircine and Lycanthropy?

    Much like my own people, you Druids craft your garbs and weapons from natural resources of leather, fur and stone. Whilst practical for our daily lives, how did your kin survive their various wars in the past with such primitive weapons and armour?

    May the wind guide you home,
    Tadgh Pine-Stalker
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  • SammyKhajit
    Warm sands, esteemed Druid Scholar!

    From time to time, this one cannot resist the temptation of scratching trees, spriggans included. The sensation and the aroma that arose from the scratched trees and spriggans are more exquisite and delightful than the finest grains of moonsugar! This one looks at the trees fondly and is certain that all Khajiti kin feel the same - that trees provide happiness and scratching.

    But this one is concerned: What do the trees really think? Do they appreciate the scratches?

    Yours humbly,


    Edit: This one got confused it’s spriggans! This one does not scratch the nice forest ladies!
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  • kynesgrove
    Y'ffer-Blessed Druid Laurel,

    Sugar and sands, this one is riddled with inquisitiveness to prick your ears!

    A flute had graced these sharp claws, a willow flute of druidic design (they don't seem incredibly rare, everyone seems to have one on the islands!). It is rumoured that the druids had learnt such techniques of flute-craft from the frolicky, hooved inhabitants. The fauns. Then a question tumbled into mind. There is clearly some kind of friendship (kinship?) between faun and druid. This one had observed them within the Earthen Root Enclave, acting like sugar-tailed ja'khajiit along side the Firesong Circle in practices of hostility, as you might recall.

    But this one had not seen them being friends with the Stonelore Circle…
    Is there a reason the fauns do not merrily prance around with your people?

    Moons light your path!
    - Yozora-ko
    "The shrine is breathtaking, sitting upon a rise and dominated by many standing stones carved with holy runes. The place truly seems to have been kissed by Kyne's icy breath."
    - Urig the Wanderer
  • MajThorax
    Can Druids predict the future?
    [edited for off-topic comment]
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  • Vinovin15
    "Hello from Silverhoof Vale,

    I am curious about Druidic mounts. What kind of animals do Druids ride? I heard about some sort of bears...Ursauk? What kind of mount are they? Oh, I also heard Druids can turn into animals themselves. Do you ride each other? Thanks.

    -Qhono, Holy Blade of the Herd Mother"
  • SammyKhajit
    This one wishes to add that it’s spriggans and trees! This one would never dream of scratching the nice forest ladies!
  • DalisMagnus
    Soul Shriven
    Lord Magnus of Jhunal's Roost here,

    1. Regarding the Daedric Princes, how do the Druids view them? Is it similar to Reach folk or do you not interact with them on an antagonistic or protagonistic level? Much less acknowledge them?

    2. On the flip side, what about the Divines/Aedra? I know you worship Yffre/Jephre but do you recognize any others?

    3. I know the Bosmer and the Argonians have a way of listening to nature through wind, water, or trees. Do you have a similar system of interpreting Yffre's will?

    4. Finally from the Roost, what about a Creation myth? You must have one, as do all cultures of Nirn
  • svadas
    Soul Shriven
    Laurel, Druid of the Stonelore,

    I have been reading Systres History, penned by Trilam Heladren. In his writings, and he references the ability of Systres druids to be able to terraform even a volcanic island into something lush and rife with life. What are the extents of such an ability, and could they be used to aid any remaining bits of land within the Yokudan Archipelago, such as Kanesh?

    The texts also include speculations of war between Yokudans and Druids prior to the Sinking of Yokuda of 1E 792. The earliest reference I can find comes from 1E 665. Have you any other documents discussing conflicts through time? Did this war last so long that the Firesong Clan (or other druids) were able to harness the abilities of over volcanoes or land to cause the Sinking of Yokuda?

    Zeht's Blessings.

    Arwa at-Razia,
    Merchant Banker
  • Destai
    @ZOS_Kevin Was this the U35 Q&A players were requesting here for some time? If not, can you please follow on up something with repeated requests for an update? Helps improve community rapport. Thanks.
  • Enodoc
    Aliyavana wrote: »
    • What's the origin of the name Galen? Your ancestors referred to themselves as the Druids of Galen long before they even reached the Systres isle of Galen, according to the Logbook of Druid Betrys. What is (or was) the original Galen?
    This was my question also :D
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  • Midni
    Dear Laurel,
    Many thanks for your generosity in sharing your knowledge. Until recently I knew little, if anything really, about the druids and the True Way. As a Breton seeking to better understand my heritage, my curiosity is unbound. Here are some of the puzzles that are most pressing for me at the moment:
    • Why are Firesong druids so reclusive? If Stonelore druids seek to teach by example, and the Eldertides are fierce defenders of the natural world, what tenet defines Firesong practices and beliefs?
    • Do druids still practice singing objects into existence? If so, what does the singing entail? Who is best equipped to create in this way? What are some the resulted objects or structures one may find across the land while exploring?
    • Are there any similarities between the magic of Greenspeakers and Spinners and that of druids? If so, how and why are they similar? Otherwise, how are they different?
    • What are the Aspirants I see in Stonelore enclaves and when or how does one become a druid?
    • What qualities must an archdruid posses to become a leading figure in a druid circle? How is leadership structured in druid circles?
    Many thanks in advance for any insight in regards to these questions!

    Midni of House Ravenwatch
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  • ZOS_Kevin
    Community Manager
    Hi All! Thanks for your questions so far. Druid Laurel is looking forward to answering these. Just wanted to give a 24hr warning on when the question asking period will close. We will then move this to the Lore section of the forum and close the thread. We will reopen once we have Druid Laurel's answers!
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  • thejadefalcon
    Oi, wood witch!

    I've prowled my way across High Rock, Hammerfell, Valenwood and now, the Systres looking for the legendary centaur. Half-man, half-horse, should be some unique meat, right? Yet, despite all the stories, despite all the people in the cities telling me where I can hunt one, I've found nothing, not even a trace of their scent. Do centaurs even exist? Or are they some druid trickery to travel faster or something?

  • OolongSnakeTea
    Druid Laurel - what are your ties and knowledge in regard to Arch Druid Devyric? What was he like before this Earthen Root situation? What could had possibly changed him?
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  • Legoless
    Druid Laurel, I hope this note finds you well. Please do not be alarmed by the raven; it is a most faithful messenger bird.

    From speaking to the good people of High Isle, I have noticed they are possessed of a strange set of syncretic beliefs. Many islanders I have spoken to profess devotion to the Eight Divines, but often harbor a deep respect for Y'ffre and druidic culture. Is worship of the Divines compatible with the True Way? I cannot imagine the local clergy at the Temple of the Winds are too pleased by nature worship.

    Do the Stonelore Circle struggle to maintain a presence on Amenos, given that the jungle seems to be overrun by pirates and banished criminals? I haven't noticed any major druidic camps on the island.

    Do you believe druidism has a future on mainland Tamriel, perhaps among the wyrds of High Rock?

    —Legoless, Tiger-Doyen of the United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits
  • Cazador
    To the honorable Druid Laurel,
    I recently learned that the wyrd sisters of the mainland and the druids of the Systres split at some point despite common origins. As I'm sure you are aware, at least some of the wyrd sisters seem to revere the Daedric Princes, or at the very least Hircine. What led to this? Was this due to intermingling with the nearby Reachmen, or were there sects of Druids who had always followed the Daedra?

    May Stendarr protect you and your circle.

    - Silus Veserius, Former 2nd Legion Centurion
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