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Login Error Codes: Their Meaning and Solutions

This thread lists descriptions and solutions for error codes you might encounter while playing the game. The list will be updated regularly as new information is added.

Code – Description & Solution

102 – Realm Reservation timed out -

Indicates an issue with the client patcher itself. Affected players will need to restart their patchers. This issue should be fixed now, for players still experiencing this error, we invite you to contact our Customer Support team and provide them with a DxDiag file.

Update A hotfix for this error was applied on 8/13/14. If you are still experiencing this issue, contact our Customer Support and inform them if you are patching

103 - Failed to obtain server connection information.

If you encounter this error, we recommend you to wait for a period of 10 minutes and then attempt to login again. This error can occur in moments of extraordinarily high login volumes. Furthermore, we invite you to read this post, that contain potential solutions to a wide range of login issues.

104 - Server Full

The current population is greater than or equal to the maximum population. The game server is at maximum capacity and can't take any more logins.

108 - Login, Anti-Virus, Exception, Firewall

This error may occur when your computer is having trouble connecting to our servers. Ensure that you have The Elder Scrolls Online added as an exception to your Firewall and Anti-Virus software to help your machine connect.

200 - Authentication Timeout

The authentication service did not respond and may be offline. Please note that this error might be due to your anti-virus software (especially with Avast), we recommend that you disable it temporally.

201 - Authentication Failed

Please follow the steps that we have provided below to help solve the issue:
  • Navigate to your "My Documents" or "Documents" folder in the start menu.
  • Delete the folder named "Elder Scrolls Online". This is a settings folder. It will repopulate when the game launches again.
  • Navigate to the install directory, typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\Launcher, and delete the "Program Data" folder.
  • Close out of all screens and return back to your desktop.

These next steps are known as "Clean-booting" your computer and will disable all programs and services that start with your computer that are not the basic Microsoft services. During these steps, please pay special attention to the note that will inform you how to reverse these changes if you so choose. You do not need to reverse these changes and no program on your computer is deleted. They simply do not start, when your computer starts; you will need to manually start them.

Follow these instructions from Microsoft on "Clean Boot"

Additionally, before closing the MSConfig tool, you may need to click on the "Startup" tab and disable startup programs.

Please be aware that many anti-virus software packages will not be disabled by the clean boot and may still be active and blocking the game. We advise you to turn off anti-virus software manually after the clean boot in order to make sure that it is not the source of the issue with running the game. You should remember to turn your anti-virus software back on as soon as you have finished troubleshooting.

After clicking Apply and Ok, you will need to restart your computer. When the computer boots, open the ESO Launcher and use the game repair feature.

202 - Login Queue Cancel Timeout
The login queue service did not respond and may be offline.

203 - Login Queue Cancel Failed
The login queue service returned an error when the user tried to cancel.

204 – Auth OTP Timeout
The login queue service timed out when trying to get an One Time Password response

205 - Auth OTP Failed
The user entered the wrong One Time Password and they're being prompted to try again

206 - Patch Manifest Error_UnzipFail
The user has entered the wrong One Time Password too many times and needs to wait to try logging in again
An unzip error occurs when the launcher cannot open or resume a patch that was previously downloading.

Players should try the following steps to resolve this error:
•Close the Launcher.
•Go to the location where "The Elder Scrolls Online" is installed. If they were attempting to patch EU when the error occurred, they should look for "The Elder Scrolls Online EU".
a. This folder is normally at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online EU".
•Go into each subfolder (depot, game, vo_xx) and delete any folders that say "patchdata".
a. The launcher might have auto cleaned up this folder.
•Restart the launcher and try to update again.

If the issue persists, contact Customer Support for further assistance. Please include a Host.Developer and Game Consultant file when submitting a ticket.

Instructions for creating the ESO Game Consultant file can be found here:

Instructions for creating the Host.Developer file can be found here:

209/210 - Patch Manifest Error
This error occurs when the launcher fails to update properly. Please restart your launcher, or try running a repair.

301 - Lobby Connection Failed
The client attempted to connect to the lobby. Please wait 10 minutes and try logging in again.

Some players may experience this error when attempting to login to The Elder Scrolls Online. We have identified the issue and are working on resolving it.

While this issue is being worked on, we invite players to do the following:

If this workaround does not alleviate the issue, it is also possible that something is preventing your ESO client to connect to the internet properly. Please sure to:
  • Reboot your router
  • Connect with an Ethernet cable (using Wi-fi may cause stability issues)
  • Temporally disable your firewall and anti-virus software
  • Open your port as explained in this article
  • Run a clean boot

If the issue still occurs, we need you to send a copy of your host.developer.log file to our Customer Support team. The file can be found here (by default): C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\Launcher

302 - Lobby Lost Connection

Please make sure to perform the following actions:
  • Disable your anti-virus, and firewall software as this may be causing a problem with the installation. Be sure to turn everything back on afterwards.
  • Run the installer/patcher as administrator (right click on the icon, then select run as administrator). This generally fixes any write protection or restriction issues that can sometimes cause issues.
  • Additionally, if you have overclock turned on, try turning it off.

If for some reason this didn't resolve the issue, click on the Repair option within the patcher itself.

If you are still not able to get past that error message, you will need to uninstall the game completely, and restart the computer. Once it is done, delete hidden folders. Click on the start button, then "Control Panel", then "Appearance and Personalization", then "Folder Options", then select the "View" tab, under "Advanced Settings" tick the "Show hidden files, folders and drives" box, and click "OK".

Type "C:\programdata" in the address bar, find and delete Zenimax Online or ESO folder.

Then re-download the installer from

You can also try repeating the above process but changing the installation directory directly to the C: drive, outside of the Program Files folder.

303 - Lobby Timed Out

If you are playing the game with add-ons, they sometimes can cause issues, especially after patches and updates.

We recommend that you disable all add-ons at the character selection screen, then try to login again.

Update - The cause of Error 303 has been investigated and resolved.

Players who still receive this error message when installing the game should contact our Customer Support Team at

305 - Unverified Protocol
In order to resolve your error 305 (Protocol Mismatch), you will need to delete some files from the game directory.

1. Please delete the eso.manifest file located by default here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online Internal\Live\game\client )

2. Please delete the data.manifest file located by default here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online Internal\Live\depot\_databuild )

3. From your Windows Start menu, please search and delete the following files:

4. Restart the game client.

If after following the above steps you still receive the same error message, please reinstall the game.

306 - Realm Shutdown
The realm is online, but is shut down to not allow access to your specific access level. Users with a correct permissions matching the server lock variable may be able to log in.

308 - Loading Screen
Happens due to player inactivity. If a player is away from the keyboard for a certain amount of time, the server will disconnect that player automatically. This may also happen during particularly long loading times when the server is busy if players haven't touched their keyboard or mouse in a while

311 - Bandwidth Cap
You were disconnected from the server because your client exceeded the maximum bandwidth upload limit to the server.

318 - Messaging, Spamming
Players who receive error 318 may be disconnected because of excessive messaging. Please refrain from sending too many messages (spamming).If any AddOns are installed, we suggest disabling them and see if that resolves the problem.

If the player believes they have received this message in error, they should please type /bug in the in-game chat box and log the following information:
• The entire error message
• What zone they were in when the error happened
• If they were in a particular cave or dungeon
• What they were doing (crafting, battling, etc.)

Alternatively, players can also provide the above information directly to Customer Support

332 - Character Still in World
Players who see this error should wait 15-20 minutes before attempting to log in again. Error often occurs when a player had to quit ESO unexpectedly.

500 - Internal Server Error
The "500 Internal Service Error" normally occurs when either the web site or the internet provider's server has a non-specific issue.

Please try the following methods to correct the 500 error.

-Reload the web page either by clicking refresh/reload button, pressing F5, or trying the URL again from the address bar.

-Use a different browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

-Temporarily turn off your anti-virus, ad/pop-up blockers, and firewalls. Make sure to turn them back on after the process.

-Clear web browser’s cache, cookies, history, temporary files, form data, and active filters. Once complete restart your browser and try again.

- Attn: Time Warner Cable customers:
There have been reports of connectivity issues from customers who have Time Warner as their internet service provider. Here are two potential fixes you can try by using a smartphone:

To create your account: Use your smartphone and turn off your WiFi on your phone. Using your phone to create your account.

To download the game client: Use your smartphone once again and click on the client download link and email that link to yourself. Then click on that link from an email client on your PC.
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