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*HELP* Impossible to change passwords

Soul Shriven
I've decided aftera few years to return to ESO. I've forgotten my password since then and figured I'd just change my password. This leads to the private question that needs to be answered, I've forgotten the answer to that one aswell. I've had the same experience about 2 years ago or more aswell and submitted a ticket which was never answered and left it like that. This time I'm looking a little deeper than just giving up and that is why I'm submitting this on the Forum.

How does this get fixed? I've tried to change it in multiple ways and submitted tickets altho I fear for them to be not answered and I feel like I'd like some direct help with this.
It feels as if I'm being sent in circles concerning the reclaimation of my account and it is quite frustrating. Anybody else that has or is having the same problems?

  • Elsonso
    All you can do is open a ticket from the "Account Recovery" link on the Support page and hope for the best.

    Until you do that, and have a new Ticket #, all that will happen here is moderators asking for your ticket number. That said, if you do have a new ticket #, post it here.
    Edited by Elsonso on August 20, 2022 12:26PM
  • ZOS_Bill

    If you already have a ticket open, you are welcome to post your ticket number here.
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