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Cooking recipes?

I cannot find any. I have been opening crates,baskets,boxes, you name it. Is there a trick in finding them?
  • LoreRunner
    Cooking recipes are found in cabinets/drawers and dressers not crates/baskets/boxes. You really only find them inside places instead of outside in the world.
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  • Kemono
    Yes there is a "trick".
    You need to farm a lot - but only nightstands, drawers, small chests (not loot ones) Its good to visit castles and inns once in a while, cos they have a lot of this containers
    Crates, baskets, boxes,barrels dont gives recipes -only crafting reagents, locpicks and such

    You can also buy them from other players or take them from bank guild (at some point you have so many repeats thats you just give them away)
    Edited by Kemono on March 30, 2014 3:57PM
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