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The beginning of roleplaying in ESO

  • SeñorCinco
    The simple aspect that is at the core of my RPing experience is...

    "If it's not fitting to the personality profile of my character, then don't do it."

    This includes but not limited to...
    • What weapon to use.
    • What armor to wear.
    • What the armor looks like.
    • Accepting a quest.
    • Completing or abandoning a quest for unforeseen reasons during the quest.
    • What direction to start walking.

    Then you have the previous knowledge element. Just because you know the Mace of Powdering Bone is in a chest behind the bar of Drippy Birches Inn doesn't mean your character knows.

    I created a character that I had a vision of donning a certain item. After I trecked across the map, I started feeling... dirty, not unlike an interloper. I stared him over because there was no logical reason for him to be going there. Even as a random direction.

    Later he was met with a potential quest that put him in the general location. Now, he has merit.
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    Words contained in posts, at which point I stop reading and will not respond...
    Toon / Mana / WoW or any acronym following "In ___" /
    Pets (when referring to summoned Daedra) / Any verbiage to express slang (ie, ending in uz,az,..) / Soul Stone
    ... to be continued.

    Now, get off my lawn.

  • MornaBaine
    Update! Gawad Du is going strong with plenty of RP, criss crossing storylines with other guilds and a generally laid back and fun atmosphere. Vampires and werewolves still sought and welcomed but any RPer who feels they have something to add will also be welcomed among us. Feel free to whisper me @MornaBaine in game if you have questions or post here and I'll try to get back to you promptly. If you would like to visit our guild website you can find it here:
    We are also open to developing stories and fun Rp with other guilds so feel free to hit us up with your ideas!
    PAWS (Positively Against Wrip-off Stuff) - Say No to Crown Crates!

  • Shizashane
    So far all I do is add my own imagery to my character build. If they would allow separate group instances for delves and such that would help keeps RP's immersion constant and wouldn't stop the flow of the story. Im not a big Role Player but it would be nice to see more of it going around. Die with honor friends!!!
    "Sound the charge, into glory ride! 10,000 side by side"
  • jircris11
    with me, most if not all items are crafted by my toon or someone she knows icly. So it makes it more meaningful. She calls crafted gear by other players commissions because well she is paying out of her pocket for them. I don't use guides or anything so most of my adventures are walking around and actually stumbling on things.
    IGN: Ki'rah
    DC/AD faction/NA server.
  • Chiba_Emi
    I'd love to Rpleplay in game myself, I mean, why not? Even if it's an MMO, but it has the ''RPG'' in it so.
    Also I'm looking for a group to RP in, but I'm too shy to ask if I can join. :s

    But I'll need help with the ''emotes'' and such so there's that. Plus I know a good bit of TESO-lore too, which is nice. (Mostly from Daggerfall, Morrowind and Oblivion :cold_sweat: )
    May the Three Bless you

    Reyvyn Dulni - EP
    Chiba Emi - AD
    Lilith Gilvion - EP
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