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Known Issue: Unable to Zoom into Character's Face during Creation

  • Drayconb16_ESO
    So what can be done to my char that runs around with a not modified face? I just stumbled upon this tipp and don't want to play the same 8 hours again as I already did several times during beta? What about a free facelift for all early-access players? I guess the problem will be fixed for the official start - or at least the workaround will be known (you could add a tooltip on the char creation screen).
  • Fadeleaf
    Soul Shriven
    I have the same problem and also I wasn't able to choose characters voice because I also have in game sound problems.
  • Kyosji
    What about people that already created their character and leveled up with them? Will they give us some sort of free face change? No way I can make a new character now after me and 2 of my friends leveled up together for 12 hours yesterday.
  • Fadeleaf
    Soul Shriven
    Free face exchange would be very nice.
  • Reser
    I did not know there was any fix and played my character assuming we would be able to fix this later.

    I hope you are going to let your players effected by this re do their characters free of charge, otherwise I will personally not be happy.

    I searched for a fix to this the second I had the problem and could not find anything other then other people who had the issue on reddit.

    Would not be very fair to assume people would find this and be able to do the fix.
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