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Diversity of Armors

I want to know if other Player also felt, like I did:

I loved the fact, that there are more different crafting skill Lines, especially, that the "medium Armor" got back.
However, I kind of miss the ability to craft different Armors in one style.
Did I not level high enogh?
Or is it really, that I can only use Iron and one of the special "racial" materials (moonstone, flint, deadra Hearts, etc.)?
Because I would have loved some more possibilities there, for examle 3 different looking kinds of Khajit heavy Armor (using Iron, Steel or rare Metals).

Is that acctually there, and I just never leveled high enogh, or is this really a thing and if it is, did you feel the same, or do I just expect a bit to much?

Players, please discuss.
  • mkorny
    Actually the armors you craft have 4 different looks depending on the level (material) you're crafting it with.

    Iron, Steel, Orichalcum, and all the materials after orichalc, those 4 look differ from each other :) (which is up to lvl 36)

    Same goes for the other types of armor.

    Weapons have an extra look from lvl 50+1vet. onwards :)
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  • mkorny
    Also, note that you have to spend points in crafting skills to be able to use higher lvl materials
    The Shadowlords Society
  • Milord_H
    Voidstone is the highest craftable tier smithing gear.
  • nzblustone
    Also, the appearance of any armour will change slightly when you improve it's quality. Perhaps a gold trim appears, or extra sashes or spikes etc.
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  • Lucani
    Soul Shriven
    Although I went for Enchanting and Provisioning, I came across a couple of "Blue" rarity Lore Books (One for Argonians and one for Dark Elves) I used one to see what it was which turned out I learned a style.. Gave the other to my partner who's levelling clothing, so will have a look later at how it works!
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