Imperial Traders Guild [NA] [PC/Mac]

Guild Name: Imperial Traders Guild
Server: American (PC)
Faction: ALL
Focus: Crafting and Trading
Language(s): English
Trader: Merv Sarys, ORSINIUM
Guild Leader(s): @nzblustone
Recruitment Status: Open

Weekly Contribution: We require 2000g in weekly contribution from each member. This is done by direct deposit into the guild bank. The purpose of this is so that everyone contributes a fair share towards the guild trader and helps us move towards better trader locations.
  • Every 1000g deposited into the bank enters that member into the weekly lotto draw. Including the weekly contribution.
  • Members can pay a months contribution at a time (8500g since there are more than 28 days in most months) but they will only be entered into the lottery for that one week.

    We aim to hover near the 500 member cap but our inactivity policy will help us keep enough spaces free to bring in fresh traders (and cycle out those that may not play anymore when necessary). One benefit of this is that fresh traders bring in fresh goods for the guild store.

    To receive an invitation to the guild you can ...
    • ... post your UserID and/or character name as a reply to this thread, after which you will usually receive a guild invite within 24 hours.
    • ... post your UserID and/or character name as a reply to the recruitment thread (click here) on our website, after which you will usually receive a guild invite within 24 hours.
    • ... send an ingame mail to @nzblustone or @Greevir or @Razync saying you would like to join. After one of them receives your mail they will send you a guild invite.
    • ... request an invitation via in-game whisper to @nzblustone or @Greevir or @Razync or any other member of the guild, as everyone can invite others.

    Please include in any mails/posts that you wish to join ITG as we have a growing sister guild which does not currently have any requirements. You are welcome to join either or both.

    We are a community within the online world of The Elder Scrolls Online dedicated to advancing the economy of Tamriel (the world of Elder Scrolls) through enabling a free-flowing place where anyone can come and go as they wish to sell or buy from other like-minded traders.

    How does it work? Well, in The Elder Scrolls Online there are only two ways to sell or buy items from other players, the first is to trade directly with the other player face-to-face after using some other means to make contact such as in-game chat, or an external source such as a message board. The other way to sell or buy items from other players is through a guild store.

    You can only buy and sell items from a guild store if you are a member of that guild unless that guild has a trader. You can however be a member of up to five player-made guilds. You can access your guild stores through the coin clerk (banker) NPC in many of the larger towns around Tamriel.

    All members of the Imperial Traders Guild are able to invite other players into the guild, helping to keep a steady flow of new traders and their goods arriving in our guild store. All members can also buy and sell items in the guild store, there are no trial periods or application forms.

    There are five ranks within the Imperial Traders Guild, the first of these being the Founder or Leader. The second rank is for Managers who can do everything the founder can do except edit ranks, they are all trusted with ensuring no harassment takes place within the guild, this includes (but is not limited to) racist, sexist or otherwise prejudiced comments and activities.

    The third rank is for Supervisors - these are esteemed members of the guild who are able to withdraw from the guild bank and issue crafter promotions.

    The fourth rank is for Crafters - those members of the guild who have chosen the Imperial Traders Guild as a place for them to advertise and sell the quality goods they create in their specialised crafting profession(s).

    The final rank is for Traders - everyone else, the bulk of the guild, either simply buying items from the guild store or also selling items they find along their journeys through Tamriel.
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