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When usually will the Update 35 hit pts?

If follow the annual schedule , when will the U35 hit the pts. I guess it will be in July, am I right ?
  • starkerealm
    It's usually six weeks before the DLC goes live. That could be as late as early August. I've been out of the loop, but it hasn't been announced yet, has it?
  • ESO_Nightingale
    It'll likely be in around 2-3 weeks if they stick to q3's release date schedule
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  • Foto1
    6 weeks pts
    PC/EU CP 1200+
    Artaxerks stamina dk khajiit
    Wayna Qhapaq magicka dk argonian
    Rorekur stamina sorc orc
    Maria de Medici magicka sorc breton
    Cordeilla stamina warden wood elf
    Quienn Gwendolen magicka warden high elf
    Nefertari stamina necro khajiit
    Boadicea Icenian magicka templar dark elf
    Clarice de Medici healer nb breton
  • Tornaad
    It's supposed to arrive today. The PTS maintenance they are doing right now, is supposed to put that on it. And if I remember correctly, then I believe they plan to put the PTS back online either right when they do the ESO live or right after.
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