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[PS] When kicked from game, progress is lost

When the game crashes, we load into a place we were awhile ago, and all progress is lost from that location. Including achievements (and achievement awards like colors), items scryed, items looted from psijic portals, etc. It's like we're going back to an old save. The 'old save' can be up a few hours old. Someone lost the scry for an oakensoul lead. Not the lead itself, thank goodness! Just having scryed for it.

I'm on a PS4, I'm asking in my guild if anyone is on a 5.
(Guild in question: Ales and Fails, PS4 / NA)
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  • UntilValhalla13
    I'm on a PS5 and this happened to me on launch day twice. I actually saved clips of it that I had forgot about. It was very jarring. I'll try and upload them later.
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  • UntilValhalla13
    I kept forgetting to upload one. XD I have 2 other videos of separate bugs saved. It literally reverts the game back like a minute or two. That's really problematic.

  • ZOS_Bill
    As there is already another thread on this topic, we have decided to close the thread. Please use the thread linked below for further discussion.

    Rollback issues on PS5.
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