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Account Transfer

With other Bethesda titles being Xbox exclusives, I would absolutely switch from PS NA to XBOX NA. And this absolutely needs to be an option. I understand that the tools are not currently in place to do this, but ZoS needs to be working towards this goal. I’ve been playing this game for nearly 7 years. Nearly every day. I will not start over again. But I absolutely will be playing Starfield and ES6. But I won’t be paying for 2 subscription services. If I have to move on from ESO to play these amazing new games I will. But I will hate it. This is the choice you are placing on your players by not offering this service. Allow me to move my account to Xbox and I’ll have the best of both worlds. That is the win-win scenario that ZoS should be working on. Please make this happen ZoS…
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  • Amottica
    It is more than the tools not being in place but that Zenimax has stated their choice is to not build out those tools.

    One thing to consider is that Zenimax may not have a choice. They clearly have a contract with both MS Xbox and Sony PS which is likely the source of such a restriction as there is no other logical reason for such a limitation. If this assumption is correct then it is also something Zenimax does not consider enough of a priority to renegotiate such a contract.

    As such it is not necessarily a win-win scenario.
  • ZOS_Bill
    It is not possible for Customer Support, to transfer characters, gear, gold, crowns or items, between different accounts, servers, or platforms. Please see the FAQ below for further details.

    Can I transfer my ESO account and characters between different platforms or servers?
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