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getting back into the game - confused about what to purchase

Hi all -

So happy enough with performance changes in Cyro I figure I'll actually buy the next chapter... maybe the current one too? or something, this system confuses me just a little.

If I pre-purchase the High Isles upgrade, will I *also* need to purchase the Blackwood upgrade if I want to play Blackwood now? Since I have ESO+, will I 'get' access to Blackwood once High Isles comes out? If I want Blackwood and High Isle now, can I get the collection edition even though I have the game?

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  • Tandor
    It may depend on your platform and other things like Steam or Stadia etc, but basically the website details the various offers available. You need to be aware of the different terms applicable to the base game and upgrades where you already have the base game. There's also the question of whether or not you subscribe and get the DLCs included therefore. However, you can certainly get a full edition that includes the base game and add it your account so that it simply adds the bits you don't already have.
  • Mr_Stach
    Once High Isle launches, blackwood gets moved to ESO+. So if you buy High Isle right now, it will not include Blackwood, but when it launches, you will gain access to Blackwood then.
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  • EozZoe1989
    id buy the pack that gives you 5500.. crows and buy two story and one duggen ..
    then can pay this every three to four months ,, and have like pack to add on so can add more content and be cheap... lol
  • mav1234
    Thanks all, so either buy the collection now so I get both, or wait a week and get both. Choices choices ;)
  • markulrich1966
    you have basically 4 versions

    - upgrade (requires basegame, has only current chapter, no older ones) (40 euro xbox)
    - full (includes former chapters) (I think 80 Euro)

    - upgrade collectors (some goodies like mount or style) (54 Euro)
    - full collector (some goodies like mount or style) (I think around 95 Euro)

    The former chapters include Morrowind, Summerset, Western Skyrim, Northern Elsweyr, Blackwood.
    You also can access those using only the basegame, plus ESO+ subscription, but not the newest one. At moment, Blackwood is not yet part of ESO+, but it will be once High Isle is released (in june). So for High Isle you still would need the upgrade.

    They do NOT inlclude the DLCs that were sold after the chapters the same year.
    Also Orsinium, Murkmire, Gold Coast and Clockwork City are NOT included.

    Included: western skyrim, NOT included: the reach
    included: Blackwood, NOT included: the Deadlands

    Also the dungeons that were DLC as part of the "year story" are not included.

    All such Addon-DLCs can be bought for crowns in the crownstore, or accessed with ESO+.
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  • belial5221_ESO
    Get High Isles upgrade,and eso+ will have Blackwood as others said.Get the full High Isles chapter,and it'll give you all past chapters,if you missing them for alot cheaper than buying them as DLCs in crown store,if you decide to cancel eso+ still can access em.All past chapter DLCs in crown store will be about $140 in crowns,or about $90 if you got crowns on sale,and High Isles full with all previous chapters is $60.Though if you got saved crowns from eso+ use em to buy older chapter DLCs.
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