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PTS Patch Notes v8.0.2

Community Manager
The Elder Scrolls Online v8.0.2 includes many more fixes for High Isle quests, Tales of Tribute, and Dreadsail Reef – the latter of which has Hard Modes activated for testing this week. We’ve also made several adjustments to some Mythic Items and a few class abilities, which are detailed below. We’ve copied all PC EU characters during this patch, which is approximately 505MB in size.

  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Chapters & DLCs
    • Combat & Gameplay
      • Combat & Abilities
      • Companions
      • Itemization & Item Sets
    • Base Game
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Adjusted the drop rate for the Grand Hattu Oynx lead and will no longer drop once the codex has been completed.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed multiple issues with attunable crafting stations in High Isle.

    Dreadsail Reef
    • General
      • Harpy Windcallers will now correctly use their Bolt ability outside of Sail Ripper’s encounter area.
      • Sail Ripper will now move more often.
      • Increased the health of Sail Ripper, Harpy Stormweavers, Harpy Windcallers and Bow Breaker in Veteran difficulty.
      • Bow Breaker’s Bog Burst ability now creates Coral Drift Haj Mota at its point of origin.
      • Bow Breaker’s Toxic Spores ability now targets players at range as well as the location in front of it.
      • The colored arm effects granted by the Prismatic Resonance effect will no longer persist once the aspects of the effect have changed. No more radical rainbow bracelets.
      • Prismatic Resonance: Green now applies a unique passive effect to its holder.
      • Updated ally effects for Prismatic Resonance: Blue and Prismatic Resonance: Green to be consistent with Prismatic Resonance: Red.
      • The Prismatic Resonance effects now correctly display their source to other players.
      • The Dreadsails now make use of their trebuchets to launch attacks at the invading ships.
    • Hard Modes
      • The Undaunted Challenge Banners are now available to use. While on the PTS and to aid in testing, there is no requirement to defeat a boss in Hard Mode to be eligible to face the next boss in Hard Mode. This requirement will be reinstated after PTS completes.
    • Lylanar and Turlassil
      • The Frozen and Fiery Blockade abilities will now be cast more reliably before and Atronach perishes.
      • The Blistering and Chilling Fragility abilities will now be cast more reliably at least once prior to Lylanar or Turlassil catching their breath or calling for aid.
      • Lylanar and Turlassil no longer have a chance to take an extended break before rejoining the fight.
      • Dodge Rolling just before activating the Destructive Ember or Piercing Hailstone no longer causes the associated dome to not apply its effects to NPCs within.
      • Player characters affected by the Firebrand effect will now have the correct damage reduction while within range of another player affected with Frostbrand.
      • Your health no longer has a chance to desync when using the Guard ability on another player being attacked by an Iron Atronach.
      • Destructive Ember and Piercing Hailstone can no longer be interacted with after Lylanar or Turlassil are defeated. Once the Ember and Hailstone can no longer be interacted with, the associated dome effect is now also removed.
    • Reef Guardian
      • Runes no longer have a chance to stay lit when the Reef Guardian is defeated.
      • Replication will now more reliably be cast.
    • Tideborn Taleria
      • Dreadsail Ascension will now properly kill all player characters when cast.
      • Renamed the Barnacle Blade ability to Arcing Slash with the following adjustments:
        • Reduced damage of Physical and Cold aspects of this ability.
        • Reduced the damage of Soaked Wound.
        • This ability now deals damage less frequently.
        • Reduced the range of the Arcing Cleave ability.
        • Added a telegraph to the Arcing Cleave ability to indicate its affected area.
      • Reduced the physical and cold damage components of Coral Slam.
      • Reduced the damage of Diluted Eruption and updated the Death Recap Hint.
      • Whirlpool now does damage more frequently.
      • The Nematocyst Cloud ability can no longer be cleansed.
      • Increased the health of Tideborn Taleria.
      • The Rapid Deluge ability can no longer be blocked and the damage has been adjusted to account for this.
      • Slightly reduced the damage from Maelstrom.
      • The Rising Tide ability is now correctly sourced from Taleria.
      • Taleria’s corpse is now easier to interact with.
      • The Cave In ability can now be dodged.
      • Rock Platforms will now always disappear correctly.

    • Adjusted several spawn rates of small creatures across High Isle.
    • Chal-Meesei in High Isle will now sell Breton gear instead of Nord gear.
    • Adjusted how the Coral Haj Mota pet is acquired:
      • Only 25 of the “Coral Haj Mota Lures” from Ghost Haven Bay are now required.
      • 25 of the “Coral Haj Mota Decoys” are now also required, which can be found in the Spire of the Crimson Coin.

    • You must now complete all activities related to the Chivalry Achievement to receive full credit.

    • Fissure Fiends are no longer invisible.

    • Queen Ayrenn, King Emeric, and Jakarn all have new sets of clothes in honor of their trip to High Isle.
    • Fixed a number of posture and animation issues where characters performed gestures that seemed incongruous with the props they were holding.

    World Bosses
    • Glemyos Wildhorn now drops loot when defeated.
    • Fixed an issue where the Sable Knight was not granting the Scrap Iron Collector achievement upon completion and would despawn unexpectedly.

    • Fixed a number of issues where certain Points of Interest icons were not properly represented on the High Isle region map.

    • A Chance for Peace: Lady Isobel and Ember will now appear if you have completed their respective quests.
    • Of Knights and Knaves: Fixed an issue where Jakarn was not set up properly on the Gonfalon West Docks during the bestowal of the main quest.
    • Race for Honor: Fixed an issue where your progress could become blocked during the quest if you logged out while lighting the puzzle braziers.
    • The Ascendant Storm: Adjusted the Ascendant Magus’s combat telegraphs at the climax of the quest.
    • The Corrupted Grove:
      • Widened the trigger area for the quest step “Listen to the Evergrowth” step so it isn’t triggered prematurely.
      • Fixed an issue where Druid Audine was unavailable to talk to when she was possessed by the Evergrowth spirit.
    • To Catch a Magus:
      • Unlocked the door to Ducheass Elea’s cabin during the quest so you aren’t locked out if you leave prematurely.
      • Fixed an issue where Lady Arabelle would get stuck and stop following you during this quest.
    • Tower Full of Trouble:
      • Added a quest bestower for the quest to the area near the Tor Draioch Wayshrine.
      • You can now read the book Sorrows of the Wind after completing this quest.

    • Fixed several crashes and issues that would cause the game to stall.
    • Fixed some grammatical issues with NPC names.
    • Fixed some uncommon, weird card animations.
    • Fixed an issue where you might become stuck on a load screen while leaving a Tales of Tribute match.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause a Tales of Tribute game to stall during the first match after changing zones.
    • Disabled keyboard interactions with cards while in Gamepad Mode.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the fragments for Sorceror King Orgnum and Ansei Frandar Hunding decks to require the Unstable Morpholith pet.
    • Added tapestry furnishings featuring Tales of Tribute artwork. These can be found rarely from Tales of Tribute match rewards.
    • Reaching Rubedite tier in a Tales of Tribute ranked season now awards a special trophy you can place in your home to commemorate your accomplishment.

    • You can now queue for ranked season matches in the Activity Finder (for real this time).
    • Cards can now be played more quickly during matches.
    • Reduced the wait time during Patron drafting when selecting two Patrons in a row.
    • Added an auto-decline option for Tales of Tribute matches.
    • You can now challenge Tales of Tribute Club NPCs of your rank or lower.
    • Using a card ability that allows you to look at the top cards of your deck and send some to your cooldown will now shuffle your cooldown into your draw pile if there are not enough cards present.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented qualified players from starting matches against Tales of Tribute founders.
    • Fixed an issue where Tales of Tribute matches could sometimes end in a forfeit when starting up.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented you from viewing your opponent’s card piles during the opponent’s turn.
    • Fixed an issue where you could exit a Tribute match without forfeiting.
    • Fixed an issue where a daily could direct you to fight more opponents than expected.
    • Updated some friction around Tribute patrons and Tribute resource tokens while using Gamepad Mode.
    • Fixed an issue where NPCs could stall a match when using cards that look at the top cards of your draw pile to send to cooldown.
    • Updated several Tales of Tribute NPCs to select from more decks than simply Saint Pelin and Grandmaster Delmene Hlaalu.

    • Fixed an issue that prevented some of Brahgas’ lines from playing or caused them to be cut off early during the tutorial.
    • Fixed an issue where Tales of Tribute daily quests were not directing you to the right location.
    • Fixed an issue where Sorinne’s arm would clip through a wall during the Tales of Tribute tutorial quest.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented some matches from granting daily quest credit.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Tales of Tribute tutorial to grant more experience than intended.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented tutorial explanations from appearing at the correct times during a match.
    • Updated the Tales of Tribute tutorial so that several Saint Pelin cards in your hand will be highlighted when Brahgas explains combos.

    • Added icons for collections, match summary, achievements and gamepad interfaces, along with deck icons.
    • Added tooltips to the Tales of Tribute resource tokens.
    • Added a warning at the start of your turn if your opponent has reached the 40 Prestige victory threshold.
    • Added the queue lockout reason to the Activity Finder.
    • Added an alert when not enough targets have been selected for an ability.
    • Fixed an issue where opposing player's names weren’t displaying in Tales of Tribute matches made through the Activity Finder.
    • Fixed an issue where opposing NPC names weren’t displaying correctly during Tales of Tribute matches.
    • Updated some Patron tooltip descriptions for better clarity.
    • The Activity Finder will now display Tales of Tribute rank icons.
    • Fixed an issue that might give the wrong tooltip summary for a Tales of Tribute pile while choosing a target for a combo ability.
    • Fixed an issue that failed to clear selections while in Gamepad mode when backing out to the category selection.

    • Streamlined numerous animations throughout the game.
    • Updated Tales of Tribute card art for better visibility of coin cost.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented card piles from glowing when referenced during the Tales of Tribute tutorial.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause elements of the Patron drafting screen to persist between matches.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause cards to disappear for a moment when quickly mousing over multiple cards.
    • Updated the card selection screen while using card draw to cooldown ability to display cards in their draw order.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Living Death
      • Restoring Tether
        • Mortal Coil (morph): This morph now restores up to 1020 Magicka and Stamina over its duration, with its restore happening in increments of 2 seconds, rather than granting 150 Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery while its active.
          Developer Comment:
          Much of the feedback for this skill change pointed out a heavy hit to Necromancer Tanking and a blandness as this morph shared the same exact function as Mystic Siphon. Originally, we changed this to aid in the performance of these skills for hybrid builds and server performance, as their original iterations sent a significant amount of messages to the server for how easy they were to keep up. We've opted to go back and allow the restore to be unique and work through block, aid in hybrid functionality, but with more burst-like return rather than gradual to ensure its performance is still improved.

    • Shadow
      • Path of Darkness
        • Refreshing Path (morph): Fixed an issue where the Minor Endurance and Intellect granted from this morph only applied to the caster, rather than all allies.

    • Dark Magic
      • Crystal Shard
        • Crystal Weapon (morph):
          • This morph now increases the base cost to 3443, up from 2295, to account for the fact that you are capable of getting off two casts of the ability for the price of one.
          • Increased the duration of the skill to 6 seconds, up from 4, to improve accessibility of the skill's charges for Heavy Attack builds.
          • This ability can no longer proc on the beginning ticks of channeled Heavy Attacks, to prevent the ability to overload a single attack with tremendous burst.
          Developer Comment:
          We're seen a lot of positive feedback for this morph where it helps it really stand out as a unique skill to change your rotation and burst windows, but it currently is a little too powerful compared to Crystal Fragments and other abilities. Rather than reducing the damage of the 2nd charge of the skill, as that could significantly hurt the way we see players are utilizing it on the PTS, we've opted to increase the cost of the ability by 50% to make it feel more like doubling down and planning your rotation by paying a higher upfront cost - but still being cheaper than having to cast the same ability twice as there are moments when you may not get two charges off per cast. We've also built in some protection against channeled Heavy Attack builds in PvP that could get both charges off in a single Heavy Attack, which was not very cool to be on the receiving end of.

    • Dawn’s Wrath
      • Eclipse
        • Living Dark (morph):
          • Increased the duration of this morph to 10 seconds, up from 4.
          • Reduced the cost to 4050, down from 4320.
          Developer Comment:
          After adjusting the healing potential, we heard a lot of feedback that the skill's duration and cost no longer justified its output. Rather than going back to insane healing values and bring back the unkillable godplar we saw rise up, we're going to ensure the skill is easier to keep up in both management of duration and cost so it feels more like a unique alternative to other Healing over Time abilities.

    • Fixed an issue that could cause unintended discoloration on Ember’s teeth.

    Combat & Abilities
    • Entomb: Fixed an issue where this ability could immobilize enemies that should be immune to the effect.

    Companion Perks
    • Updated the perk description text for Mirri to be more accurate as it does not apply to treasure chests found with treasure maps.

    • Tournament of the Heart: Isobel now follows you correctly during this quest.

    Responses & Rapport
    • Fixed an issue where you would not receive positive rapport with Ember when entering an Outlaws Refuge.
    • Isobel and Ember will now receive a small rapport increase when appreciating a limited selection of specific cosmetic pets.
    • Fixed an issue that could result in your Companion speaking about using their Ultimate abilities to be heard by other players.
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent Ember from clearly expressing her distaste of you being caught in the act of committing crime.
    • Ember and Isobel are now more likely to acknowledge joining you on a group mount.
    • Ember and Isobel will no longer pre-emptively react to a small number of specific memento activations.
    • Fixed various minor issues where displayed Companion text did not match the spoken lines.
    • Fixed an issue that could sometimes prevent Mirri from commenting when snakes and goblins were defeated.

    Mythic Items
    • Dov-Rha Sabaton's: Fixed an issue where this set’s visuals could appear on enemies in some cases.
    • Harpooner's Wading Kilt: Increased the duration of the stacks granted from this set to 20 seconds, up from 10, to help it stay up in fights with longer down time phases, while keeping the shorter duration there to reinforce the need to stay active in the fight.
    • Oakensoul: This set now grants many Major Buffs rather than unique stats to ensure its power does not eclipse builds that are utilizing both bars effectively, while also reducing some of its raw power with Werewolf builds which already contain many of these Major Buffs, as the Werewolf experience is already designed around having one bar. 
      • This set now grants Major Courage rather than 450 Unique Weapon and Spell Damage.
      • This set now grants Major Savagery and Prophecy, rather than a unique 1973 Critical Chance rating.
      • This set now grants Major Endurance, Fortitude, and Intellect, rather than unique Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery.
      • This set now grants Major Resolve rather than a unique 5280 Armor. 
      Developer Comment:
      Oakensoul is a Mythic that we knew would come under close scrutiny due to the sheer amount of power it can provide, even with the downside of only being able to utilize one ability bar. Most of the discussion we've seen so far has been about the potential power spike with Werewolf Transformation as the downside with Oakensoul is irrelevant in this case, as well as how close many one bar builds are to two bar builds (and in some cases, doing BETTER with only one bar). With consideration for the original theme of the Mythic, we decided to move the power from several of the derived bonuses into Major buffs. This change will cause the base strength of the Mythic to remain nearly the same while lowering the ceiling on certain builds and playstyles.
    • Shapeshifter's Chain: This set now also reduces the cost of Werewolf active abilities by 15% to help it stand up in power for all transformation Ultimates.

    Trial Sets
    • Coral Riptide: 
      • This set now grants its maximum Weapon and Spell Damage when at 33% Stamina instead of 0% Stamina
      • Adjusted the 4-piece bonus to grant Weapon and Spell Damage, rather than Offensive Penetration.
      • Adjusted the 5-piece bonus for the Perfected version to grant Critical Chance, rather than Offensive Penetration.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    Zeal of Zenithar
    • Fixed an issue where Zanil Theran was listed as present on the map location for the Belkarth Festival Grounds when he would not otherwise be present in Coldharbour (he only shows up with the Luxury Vendor usually is, and yes, this is a second location he can spawn!).
    • Fixed an issue where Nenulaure let you buy berries for Indriks you already owned, and let you buy feathers if you owned all Indriks plus a completed Nascent. 
    • Updated audio cues and effects for various event scenes and characters. 
    • Fixed an issue where fully combined jewelry platings were dropping in lieu of appropriate rewards. 
    • Honest Toil:
      • Fixed an issue where everyone would hear Fasaria comment on your devotion when someone completed a prayer.
      • Fixed an issue where you would stand too close during the prayer to Zenithar, usually on the hot coals. Now THAT'S devotion!
      • The condition for the daily quest now specifies to "Trade with Guild Traders from Other Guilds" since buying from your own guild store is not intended to advance this step.
    • The Unrefusable Offer:
      • Fixed an issue where Zeal of Zenithar's help file listed an incorrect quest name.
      • Clarified in text that the maple wood you gather for this quest isn't quite the same as "real" maple wood used in crafting.
      • Added an optional step to let you know you can sneak past Stigthar and steal the awl if you're careful.
      • Known Issue: The step to Craft Baked Apples does not shortcut you to the proper part of the crafting interface when attempting to cook them. A fix for this will be forthcoming in a later update.

    • In the uncommon scenario where a citizen is able to be pickpocketed more than 3 times, the reduction in the chance to succeed will only apply to the first two successful pickpockets.

    • Highhallow Hold now has an image when featured in the announcements, as expected.

    • Added a GetCurrentFilter() function to UNIVERSAL_DECONSTRUCTION_GAMEPAD.deconstructionPanel.inventory to allow addons to identify the currently selected tab/item filters while using the Deconstruction Assistant in Gamepad Mode.

    Gamepad Mode
    • Added a new gamepad One Time Password dialog so you can log in in accessibility mode now)
    • Fixed an issue where the timer for lockpicking was rendering behind the countdown bar.
    • Fixed an issue where tooltips for the Excavation digging tools would not update when switching tools.
    • Fixed an issue in the guild store where the tooltip for the listings tab could appear unexpectedly when switching between guilds.
    • Fixed an issue where the tooltip for Forward Camps and Keeps would show a Gamepad keybind when using the keyboard.
    • Fixed an issue in the Item Set Collection UI where the item set listings would sometimes not hide when backing out of a category.
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