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PTS Patch Notes v8.0.1

Community Manager
The Elder Scrolls Online v8.0.1 activates a new in-game event for testing, Zeal of Zenithar, that will run for the next couple weeks. We’ve also made a number of fixes for High Isle quests, Dreadsail Reef trial and Tales of Tribute - the latter of which also includes the addition of ranked matches - and have started making a few updates for item sets with more balance-related adjustments coming next week. The size of this patch is approximately 226MB.

  • New Features / Updates / Big Changes
    • Zeal of Zenithar Event Testing
    • Companion Guild Commendations
    • New Indrik Vendor: Nenulaure
  • Template Updates
  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Chapters & DLCs
    • Combat & Gameplay
      • Combat & Abilities
      • Companions
      • Itemization & Item Sets
    • Base Game
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    Zeal of Zenithar Event Testing
    A brand-new event comes to ESO! Zeal of Zenithar honors the Tamrielic god of commerce and hard work, and during this blessed time of year you can earn extra rewards by engaging in those activities! There's a lot to this event, so let's get started.
    • To begin, you can pick up the introductory quest "The Unrefusable Offer" from Amminus Varo at the new Belkarth festival grounds (or get the free quest starter from the Crown Store). A helpful portal is at every Impresario tent to take you straight to the city if you don't know the way.
      • This quest helps onramp newer players into some of the activities highlighted by the event, providing tutorial refreshers where needed.
    • Once completed, you may then pick up the single daily quest associated with the event, "Honest Toil", and complete any single one of the activities listed for daily three Event Tickets and a gold-quality Zenithar's Sublime Parcel reward box.
    • You have a chance to earn additional purple-quality Zenithar's Delightful Parcels by completing the following activities:
      • A box from completing the introductory quest, both the first time and on subsequent years if you prefer to complete it again.
      • A guaranteed box for completing any Master Writ.
      • A guaranteed box for the first daily Crafting Writ, per account, that you complete each day (no pressure to do all of them a guarjillion times on all your alts)
      • A guaranteed box for defeating a world boss (skull and crossed swords icons on your map) or world events (dolmens, harrowstorms, geysers, dragons, etc.) while grouped with someone who is in at least one of your guilds.
      • A chance when conquering each round of a group-based arena challenge (such as Dragonstar or Blackrose Prison) while grouped with someone who is in at least one of your guilds. The final round's reward chest has a guaranteed parcel.
      • Or if you're not interested in hard work, Akatosh forbid, a small chance to steal parcels from hard-working Tamrielic citizens through pickpocketing, strongboxes, or thieves' troves.
    • Parcels have a chance to contain the following, with gold-quality ones having higher drop chances and more loot in general:
      • A tradeable outfit style page for the new High Rock Spellsword Armor.
      • Durable crafting materials, provisioning ingredients, alchemy reagents, runestones, or a motif style item.
      • Crafting boosters, with a very small chance of a gold-tier booster or a research time scroll.
      • Furnishing or provisioning recipes
      • Repair kits, siege repair kits, or a small chance for an Impresario Group Repair Kit.
      • Treasure Maps, Survey Reports, Imperial City vault keys, Companion gear, or a random currency pouch.
        • The random currency pouch can contain either gold or Tel Var stones; there is an extremely small chance that this is a jackpot amount that gives you 100,000 of the associated currency!
        • This jackpot is not modified by any Champion Point or other passives that affect currency gain.
    • Furthermore, during this event, the following global effects are in place:
      • Wayshrine travel costs are reduced by 75%. Happy traveling!
      • Repair costs on vendors are reduced by 50%.
      • Crafting Inspiration gain from all sources is increased by 100%.
      • Vendor prices across Tamriel are reduced by 10%.
        • These include:
          • Vendors that sell items for Gold, AP, or Tel Var stones, including the Golden Vendor.
          • Houses purchasable for Gold.
        • These do NOT include:
          • Bag or Bank Space upgrades
          • Currency vendors that do not sell things for Gold, AP, or Tel Var
          • Guild Traders, whether it be for reserving their services, collecting from sales, or anything else.
    • New rare social and combat wilderness encounters are peppered throughout Tamriel for you to find, related to Zeal of Zenithar.
    • The Impresario will offer all three Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet fragments, and all three fragments for the Aurelic Quasigriff to complete this season's morph. She will also carry bound versions of the High Rock Spellsword Armor style pages for 5 tickets each.

    Companion Guild Commendations
    Coming with the Zeal of Zenithar event, we are introducing a new consumable item that the Impresario will sell in perpetuity (whenever she’s around). By purchasing these commendations and using them while an active Companion is out, you immediately advance the Companion to the next skill rank of the associated guild (from among Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, and Undaunted). As new companions will be introduced over time, we will not disallow you from buying these even if all your current Companions are fully leveled but exercise care in over-purchasing!

    New Indrik Vendor: Nenulaure
    We're not done yet! In the event you never had a chance to finish any of your Indriks, or if the normal morphing collectible items don't suit your fancy, or if you're new and have a surplus of tickets, there is a new Indrik Vendor, Nenulaure, at the Belkarth festival grounds starting with this event. Here's how she works:
    • Any time the Impresario shows up in ESO, not just during Zeal of Zenithar, the Indrik Vendor will appear in Belkarth. She will offer a selection of past Indriks from previous years based on the season, with a cycling inventory as seasons change (lining up with event starts/ends when the seasonal change would happen in the middle of an event).
    • She will always offer the Nascent Indrik feathers, which are now 5 Event Tickets each.
    • She will have all four berries for each of the two seasonal Indriks on offer for that season, plus the two baby Indrik pets that match them, for 10 Event Tickets each.
    • The Indriks will cycle by season and return in the following year if you missed them. The seasonal rotation (subject to change) is as follows:
      • Spring (start of year): Dawnwood and Spectral Indrik berries, plus Springtide and Haunting Indrik pets
      • Summer (middle of year): Luminous and Icebreath Indrik berries, plus Shimmering and Rimedusk pets
      • Autumn (after Zeal and before Witches Festival): Onyx and Mossheart Indriks, plus Ebon-Glow and Sapling pets
      • Winter (Witches Festival to end of year): Pure Snow and Crimson Indriks, plus Frost-Light and Rosethorn pets
    • All Indriks won't come back for New Life Festival like we do with the year's Morphing Collectibles or previous years' entire Indrik catalogue.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    • Added the High Isle Treasure Maps to the "Treasure Hunter's Parcel".
    • Fixed an issue where the Perfected Whorl of the Depths Item Set Bag would generate a second set of daggers rather than a set of bows.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Added NPC subtitles during the Scrying or Excavation tutorials.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed a number of VO timing and audio issues occurring during various dialogue lines.

    • Adjusted some Alchemy plants that were on top of each other throughout the zone.

    Dreadsail Reef Trial
    • General
      • Adjusted a door to avoid the camera from acting wonky.
      • Updated icons throughout the trial.
      • The Tavern will no longer empty when any of the NPCs are attacked. Each group will have distinct friends they will lend aid to.
      • Fleet Queen Taleria will now react the same for everyone when teleporting away.
      • Daihjara-la and Engyye are now easier to talk to.
      • Swashbuckler banners will no longer have a chance to wiggle around when they walk.
      • Small characters will no longer have a chance to get stuck when attempting to walk into the water after arriving on shore.
      • Small characters will now play the correct animations when affected by Raging Current.
      • The Sail Ripper’s Cyclone ability will no longer affect player characters before it is visible.
      • Werewolves will now animate correctly when interacting with the wheels in the Reef Warren.
      • The campfire will no longer be invisible in the Fleet Queen’s Parlors.
      • Dreadsail Reef Coffers are now spelled correctly and no longer contain an erroneous tooltip.
      • Adjusted the encounter before Taleria to have fewer monsters on Normal difficulty.
    • Lylanar and Turlassil
      • Player pets now deal the correct damage to enemies that require the application of either the Destructive Ember or the Piercing Hailstone effects.
      • Frost Atronachs are now easier to see when standing inside the Destructive Ember effect.
      • Cinder Surge and Numbing Shards may now be reflected.
    • Reef Guardian
      • Fleet Queen Taleria will now stalk the gangways during the encounter.
      • Item set visual effects will now always play correctly on the Coral Drift Senche and Bear.
      • Crush and Claw will now always animate correctly.
      • Your character no longer has a chance to get stuck in the currents or when attempting to walk into water after arriving on the shore.
      • Falling into geyser holes is now always lethal.
      • The Coral Drift Horse will now always be removed when intended.
    • Tideborn Telaria
      • Dreadsail Ascension will now always animate correctly when cast.
      • Dreadsail Ascension will now deal damage in a much larger radius.
      • Ice Storms created by Arctic Annihilation no longer deal damage immediately.
      • Players affected by Mesmerizing Flow will no longer be affected by other crowd control sources within the encounter.
      • Taleria will no longer cast the following abilities on Normal difficulty:
        • Cave In
        • Dreadsail Ascension
        • Rising Tide
      • The following effects can no longer be cleansed:
        • Sweltering Heat
        • Suffocating Waves
        • Nematocyst Cloud
        • Mesmerizing Flow
        • Slaughterfish Attack
        • Current
      • Increased the health of the Venom Evoker, Tidal Mage, and Sea Boiler on Veteran difficulty.
      • The Sea Boiler’s aura abilities now have consistent names based on locations it was cast.
      • Sea Behemoths will now always reset when the encounter does.
      • Portals at each Dreadsail mage location are now shinier and more apparent. Ooooo… shiny…
      • Crashing Waves will no longer affect players in the caves with the Dreadsail Mages.
      • Adjusted the damage of Crashing Waves to be more consistent.

    • Fixed clipping issues when interacting with some cooking fires in High Isle.
    • Reviewed the placement of books, scrolls, and letters throughout High Isle to make them more accessible.
    • Fixed a number of text errors in books and nameplates throughout High Isle.
    • Adjusted the placement and angles of several Skyshards.
    • Gonfalon Bay now only appears once in the High Isle codex.
    • The Skyshards in Firepot delve and the Spire of the Crimson Coin are now in the proper location on the map in the Zone Guide.
    • Fixed the spawning and placement of several Giant Clams.

    • The “Peak Pit-Fighter Performance” achievement is now correctly spelled.

    • Hadolid, Faun, and Vulk'esh will no longer teleport or burrow when they don't have enough space to complete their path.
    • The Vulk'esh Burrow now moves the monster back from its current position, rather than under and behind your character.
    • Added the correct loot for Mouz the Unclean.

    • Sabua no longer ignores your attempts to talk to him in the Outlaws Refuge.
    • Sabua no longer sits awkwardly on a nearby chair.
    • Quinton Adrognese no longer walks over boxes in the Gonfalon Bay Outlaws Refuge.
    • Rodranor now walks around on the dock correctly.
    • Changed the posture of a merchant so his dinner plate doesn’t clip through his shirt. He now eats turkey instead with his bare hands. Like an animal.

    • Fixed a number of clipping issues throughout the zone.
    • Updated text to better match VO lines throughout High Isle.
    • Updated book and other interactable display names to match those of quest items throughout High Isle.
    • The map key in Deaths Valor Keep now appears correctly.
    • The area around Abhain Chapel is now identified properly on the compass and world map.

    • A Mother’s Request: The map will now correctly show Aurelia's location to speak to her.
    • Buried at the Bay:
      • Fixed the placement of Vanisande Maul's Cutlass during this quest.
      • Werewolves will now use the appropriate animations throughout this quest.
    • Coral Conundrum:
      • Brusic will now greet you when approaching him outside the Coral Cliffs.
      • Chyrisnia no longer runs into a tree when fleeing.
    • Escape from Amenos: Fixed an issue where you could become blocked if a groupmate used their disguise.
    • The Ascendent Storm:
      • Enemies will no longer despawn unexpectedly during the dock battle, blocking quest progress.
      • Your character will now climb the rope properly.
    • To Catch a Magus: Quest pins throughout this quest are now in their proper location.

    • Added an auto-decline setting for Tales of Tribute games.
    • Fixed an issue where several cards for Rajhin, the Purring Liar incorrectly targeted your own agents for their KO abilities.
    • Patron Frandar Hunding now properly skips Neutral state when used by the Unfavored player and gives 1 gold at the start of the Favored player’s turn.
    • Made several improvements to the AI so they are a bit smarter.
    • Achievements requiring you to win a certain amount no longer count losses for progress.
    • Saint Pelin, while in a Neutral state, will now properly check for an agent card in the active player's cooldown.
    • Made several smaller fixes to cards in the Hunding, Duke of Crows, and St. Pelin decks.
    • Fixed an issue where auto-play was not working.
    • Agents will now only trigger their combos and count toward combos for other cards after activation.
    • You can now properly progress through the introduction quest.

    • Ranked matches are now active! Simply queue for a match making match via the Activity Finder to participate. These are not actually active yet, sorry! Will try for next week.
    • Fixed an issue where you could not queue for an unranked casual match.
    • Increased the amount of time required to forfeit a match due to inactivity.
    • Turn Timers were previously incorrectly set to 60 seconds and are now set to the intended 90 seconds.
    • Fixed an issue where you could start a match without having completed the tutorial quest.
    • Fixed an issue where you did not have access to match queuing after completing the tutorial.
    • Fixed an issue where you could unintentionally play a match in Dungeons, Arenas, or Trials.

    • Tutorial
      • Fixed an issue where the hourglass to end your turn would not highlight at the appropriate time.
      • All Patron coins are now highlighted when Brahgas calls them out in the tutorial.
    • A New Venture
      • Updated the location of the quest assist.
      • Fixed an issue where Sorinne could disappear if you logged out after speaking with her.
    • The Final Round
      • Tribute Opponent will no longer pop in front of you.
      • You can no longer talk to Brahgas any time during this quest.
      • Updated the quest pins associated with this quest.
      • You will no longer see a false quest pin over Master Razhamad.

    • Fixed an issue which caused Tales of Tribute reward bags to drop unintended quantities of crafting upgrade materials.
    • Adjusted the collectible fragments for the Sorcerer King Orgnum and Ansei Frandar Hunding decks to be visible even when not yet collected.
    • Fixed an issue where daily rewards for Tales of Tribute matches were granted on every match completion.
    • Updated the rewards given for the first Tales of Tribute win each day.
    • Fixed an issue which caused consumable items awarded in Tales of Tribute to not match your level.

    • NPC subtitles now appear during Tales of Tribute matches.
    • Renamed Bragas to Brahgas.
    • Added a combo tracker that shows what combos you have activated during your turn and in what order.
    • Updated several tooltips for better clarity.
    • Combo 3 abilities no longer displays as Combo 2 in tooltips.
    • Curses and Contracts are now properly referenced in their tooltips.
    • Fixed an issue where the confirm button and instruction text was rendering above card popups.
    • Ranks in Tales of Tribute are now correctly localized.
    • Fixed an issue where the gamepad UI was using keyboard font in certain places.
    • Fixed an issue where the Activity Finder was missing the win/loss count for placement matches in the post-game summary.
    • Fixed an issue where queuing for an unranked match would incorrectly state that you had invited a player to a duel.
    • Penalties for leaving a match early or dropping due to being inactive are now properly messaged.
    • Updated Sorcerer-King Orgnum's tooltip to reflect the intended functionality.
    • When Founders use special Patron decks, they now update the Patron selection screen properly.
    • Opponent player names no longer show account names.
    • Added support for larger progress bars on the summary screens.
    • The tooltip for you and your opponent's draw pile and hand will now show a combined card summary of both.
    • Fixed an issue where Card Clues were incorrectly marked as tradeable.
    • Fixed an issue while using Gamepad where attempting to change rows in the Patron selection screen after selecting a Patron would cause the selection to reset all the way to the left.
    • Patrons that are part of the same family as an already drafted Patron will now also display as drafted.
    • Fixed an issue where exiting the gamepad Tales of Tribute collection screen with the grid view visible would cause a blank panel to be visible upon re-opening the screen and returning to patron category list.

    • Improved the visuals on the End Summary screen.
    • Updated several cards with their final art.
    • Adjusted the colors for the Patron Suits.
    • Adjusted various card animations for speed and readability.
    • It is now easier to use the Patron select screen using a Gamepad.
    • Improved uncollected Patron visuals on the Patron select screen.
    • Adjusted the anchoring of the choice card viewer to be more centered in the screen.
    • Fixed an issue with cards in the tavern not highlighting for the opposing player even if they had the gold to purchase them.
    • Fixed an issue where cards would not fully rotate when drawn.
    • Agents now update their visual indicators for taking damage and when healing.
    • You can no longer share a seat with the Tribute NPCs.
    • Added and increased the size of club rank icons to Activity Finder screens.
    • Updated sizes for the post-game flow screen and new styles for all card mechanics.
    • Added post-game screen graphics.
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    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Destruction Staff
      • Destructive Touch
        • Flame Clench (morph): Fixed an issue where this morph's knock back visuals were not displaying on targets properly.

    • Corrected and adjusted various minor text issues for improved consistency with voice lines and overall legibility.
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent some Companions and achievements from reacting as intended when entering the Fargrave and Gonfalon Bay outlaw refuges.
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent Isobel from occasionally acknowledging she was entering into combat with a strong opponent.
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent Companions from occasionally commenting on their own progress when leveling up.

    • Cold Blood, Old Pain: Fixed an issue where the Letter from Ember was awarded too early.
    • Cold Trail: You can now read the note about Jhaka after completing this quest.
    • Green with Envy The wards used in this quest now correctly appear when they should so quest progression is not blocked.
    • The Princess Detective:
      • You can no longer interact with Aurelia before she is finished speaking.
      • Aurelia will no longer block the door in the Ancient Anchor Inn during this quest.
    • Tournament of the Heart:
      • Isobel will now follow you at all moments when she is expected to and not block the quest by standing still.
      • Grouped players will now all get credit for working on the wizard's barrier.
      • You can no longer sneak through the magical barrier during this quest.

    • Updated Potions of Heroism to properly display their visual effects when used.

    Item Sets
    • Updated the visual effects of the following sets so they are no longer visible to enemies:
      • Hircine's Veneer
      • Pearlescent Ward
      • Sanctuary
      • Worm's Raiment
    • Updated the tooltips for the following item sets to state that their bouses persist through death:
      • Ebon Armory
      • Hircine's Veneer
      • Pearlescent Ward
      • Sanctuary
      • Worm's Raiment
    • The following item sets now scale based on Ultimate Spent instead of Ultimate Cost:
      • Lamia’s Song
      • Pillager’s Profit
      • Witchman Armor
    • Dov-Rha Sabatons: Fixed an issue where the visual effects from this set would flicker in areas of Dreadsail Reef.
    • Druid’s Braid: Updated the scaling of this item set as the design was to incentivize equipping past the normal 5 set piece bonus.
    • Lefthander’s War Girdle: This item set is now named Lefthander's Aegis Belt, as girdle is reserved for Heavy Armor.
    • Sea-Serpent's Coil:
      • Updated the visual effects to only be visible to the wearer and enemies.
      • The visual effects from this set will no longer overwhelm the screen while in first person view.
    • Systres’ Scowl: The visual effects from this set will now scale properly with larger targets.
    • Whorl of the Depths: Fixed an issue where this item set would not create its Area of Effect if the effect ended early, such as if the DoT target died.

    Mythic Items
    • Spaulders of Ruin: Fixed an issue where this set could activate when the wearer died.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed an issue that caused the Cyrodiil campaign low population bonus to be unreliable, which also affected the populations displayed in the Campaign selection menu and caused them to all display as low.

    • Fixed an issue where purchasing a product in the Crown Store with an ESO+ price wouldn't let you toggle to sending it as a gift.

    • Fixed numerous issues with giant clam placement and functionality.
    • Lootable mussels and crabs now display as “Seafood” rather than “Fish”.
    • The Courtly Traveling Attire costume now displays correct acquire hint text.

    • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when logging back into a preview of player housing.

    High Isle Prologue Quest
    • You will now be able to interact with the Captain after using the Dispelling Powder.

    • Fixed an issue where the keyboard gamma adjust screen did not appear correctly and prevented you from progressing past it.

    Gamepad Mode
    • Fixed an issue where the item tooltip would disappear in the Smithing improvement window after you improved an item.
    • Fixed a UI error that could occur if the Champion UI was opened using a keybind shortcut after using the HUD chat.
    • Fixed an issue where individual Dungeons were not being listed in the Specific Dungeons selection list within the Activity Finder.

    Help & Tutorials
    • Fixed an issue where help menu images would not properly size themselves upon opening the menu via tutorials.
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