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PTS Patch Notes v8.0.0

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Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v8.0.0 and our newest Chapter: High Isle! Visit the beautiful Systres Archipelago, far to the southwest of continental Tamriel, and delve into the culture and secrets of the noble and chivalric Breton people.

This Chapter not only explores the lore and political intrigue of the Bretons but also introduces two new Companions. You can use them to support your efforts throughout the world, including conquering the new Volcanic Vents found throughout High Isle. For a bigger challenge, be sure to head to Dreadsail Reef, a new 12-player Trial located in the northwest section of High Isle.

We’re also very excited to introduce you to Tales of Tribute, a new deckbuilding card game. Play against NPCs or against your fellow players to earn new cards, decks, furnishings, cosmetics, Transmute Crystals and more. To get started, simply head to the Roister Club of Gonfalon Bay.

This Chapter also includes several new item sets and Mythic Items, new Antiquities, a number of new collectibles, tons of new achievements, and more.

The free Update 34 base game introduces the highly requested Mundus Stones in the Armory System, along with implementation of the upscaling technology of FidelityFX Super Resolution. We’ve also made some updates to the quickslot wheel, have added the option to choose your own music on the title screen, made some accessibility improvements, and more. Lastly, we’re excited to add localized Spanish text to ESO in this update!

This latest update is approximately 4.49GB in size and we’ve copied all PC NA characters this week. Thanks in advance for your feedback, which we encourage you to utilize /feedback and /bug in-game, and we look forward to you setting sail to High Isle!

  • New Features / Updates / Big Changes
    • High Isle Chapter
      • New Zone: High Isle
      • Volcanic Vents and Lava Vents
      • Tales of Tribute
      • Two New Companions: Ember & Isobel
      • New Trial: Dreadsail Reef
      • New Item Sets
      • New Antiquities
      • New Collectibles and Outfit Styles
      • New Dyes
      • New Achievements and Titles
      • New Homes
      • New Furnishings
    • Update 34 Base Game
      • Mundus Stones in Armory
      • AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSD)
      • Quickslot Wheel Updates
      • Choose Title Screen Music
      • New Accessibility Mode
  • Template Information
  • Known Issues
  • Fixes & Improvements
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    For this PTS update, we’ll be supplying three templates for you to utilize. The max-level template with all the bells and whistles (including all the new item sets) and the level 25 (that gives you some decent gear to get around) both place you in the city of Gonfalon Bay in High Isle. An additional "Tales of Tribute" template is set up to guide you through the Tribute questline and general experience; this will place you just outside the Roister Club.

    There are also a few additional bug fixes in relation to templates:
    • The Law of Julianos Crafted Light Armor Set Bag will now give shoulders, rather than two pairs of pants. 
    • The Song of Lamae Bag now correctly distributes weapons, instead of violating the spacetime continuum and creating a paradox wherein it distributed another bag of itself. 
    • The Pelinal's Aptitude Set has been correctly renamed to the Pelinal's Wrath Set. 

    Additionally, there are a couple known issues we'd like to bring to your attention:
    • The Perfected Pearlescent Ward Item Set Bag is currently missing its weapons.
    • The Oakensoul Ring and Sea-Serpent’s Coil Mythic items currently have incorrect icons. This does not affect their functionality.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • You cannot currently queue for any activity via the Activity Finder while using Gamepad Mode.

    • When playing against an NPC, they will occasionally make poor decisions. We are working on making them smarter to play against.
    • Some cards/decks are currently missing art or have incorrect art or tooltips.
    • Conceding a Tribute match incorrectly displays a victory screen. You didn’t actually win.
    • Some Tales of Tribute achievements are not being correctly granted.
    • Some tutorial information is not displaying at the correct times.
    • The first patron selected in a game will occasionally not activate its ability.
    • Some audio may fade in or out, or repeat itself.

    • We are still working on implementing all the localized Spanish text in the game. While there is a good amount in this patch, expect there to be some missing translated text. This will be added over the next few weeks.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Coral Aerie
      • General
        • Erroneous effects applied by the Yaghra will no longer display in your active effects.
        • Gryphon’s Slashing Talons ability will no longer hit player characters outside of the telegraphed area.
      • Maligalig
        • Storm Front will now always form when Storm Cell is created.
      • Varallion
        • There is no longer an erroneous icon for Mind Link.
    • Shipwright’s Regret
      • General
        • The Short Commute achievement will now always be awarded when the conditions are met.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • An Argonian Behemoth in Xi-Tsei is no longer able to see through stealth. 

    • The Face of Change: Fixed an issue where you might get two different prompts on the door leading into the Ayleid ruin.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed an issue where enemies in the Rockgrove trial would drop Blackwood overworld item set pieces, rather than the trial item sets pieces.  

    • Death Stalks the Weak: Fixed an issue where grouped players simultaneously interacting with the Discharge Labrum could block one another's progress. 
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • The Dragonguard's Legacy: A grapple point on the western side of Storm Talon Temple is now easier to grapple to, rather than smashing your character’s face against the wall right below it. 
    • Order of the New Moon:
      • Caska will no longer clip through Ranza if you elect to let her intimidate Kazann. 
      • Fixed an issue with Trial Master Zayri so she properly despawns after leaving the balcony, instead of being very forgetful and coming back to the ledge. Maybe she forgot her keys? 
    • The Dark Aeon: Joorahmaar will no longer be all up in your business after you resurrect at the door to the room.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    • The Demon Weapon: The gate from being able to progress on the main quest if your next quest would be "The Tharn Speaks" has been removed if you are holding onto "The Demon Weapon" (and vice versa). Now if you are on The Tharn Speaks, the Abnur Tharn follower in Wormroot Depths for The Demon Weapon (gold armor) will not spawn until you enter the secret chamber (whereupon The Tharn Speaks' follower, black armor, will despawn). If you are not on The Tharn Speaks and have no Old Abnur, New (Older?) Abnur will be around the whole time.
    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed a number of inconsistencies related to directing you through the alliance sewer bases.
    • The Aldmeri sewer base now directs you properly into and out of the districts.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Divine Disaster: Vivec will no longer have two nameplates while hovering over himself.
    • Divine Inquiries: Fixed an issue where you could advance a hint step advising you to Gather Information by reading the same House Redoran Proclamation over and over.
    • Divine Restoration: The statue of Clavicus Vile is now much easier to interact with near the end of this quest. 
    • Of Faith and Family: The follower version of Veya will now despawn if you re-enter the cave where she was hiding out, and will rejoin you once you leave again. 
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Walks-Like-Thunder and Baxhit-Gah now have the proper boss rank set.

    • Fixed an issue where dialogue with Choxith could appear prematurely. 
    • Sounds of Home: Fixed an issue if you ran out the timer on catching the ruby hopper, you would get a message saying you completed the step. 
    • Whispers in the Wood: Fixed issue where mini-boss Wither-Jaw might never spawn when you enter its lair shortly after another player defeats it.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed an old issue where you wouldn't see a group member's ally pin on the door while they were inside the College of Psijics Ruins and you were standing outside.

    • A Pearl of Great Price: Valsirenn's theater where you discover K'Tora will no longer repeat if you die before destroying the Abyssal Pearls and run back through the area.
    • Lauriel's Lament: Cleaned up some theater cues related to Lauriel's disappearing act toward the end of the quest, to prevent visual popping. 
    • Old Wounds: One of Tarnamir's conversations no longer assumes you've actually joined the Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood unless you've completed those quests. 
    • The Dreaming Cave: Fixed an issue where a dead priest was floating in the air. They shouldn't do that, in case it wasn't obvious, but necromancy doesn't play by the rules. 
    • The Queen's Decree: Minone's cage door no longer slams closed weirdly after the other prisoners are freed. 
    • Through a Veil Darkly: Fixed an issue where approaching Vanus Galerion in the Vulkhel Guard Mages Guild from the center of the room could sometimes disable his interactability. 
    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Gaenennor will no longer werewolf out, kill his attacker, and then go back to playing dice as a werewolf. 

    • Fixed an issue where you would be trespassing on the docks without actually being on the docks in Hew's Bane.
    • Fixed an issue where you could leave a trespass area in Hew's Bane by jumping on a crate. As all good criminals know, you're not trespassing unless your feet are on the ground, right?

    • Partners in Crime: The doors to the Treasury in Fulstrom Homestead will now remain open (visually) if you reload the client after completing the puzzle.
    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • The following abilities will now properly target Justice neutral NPCs:
      • Deep Slash
      • Meteor and its morphs
      • Reverse Slice
      • Soul Splitting Trap
      • Stampede
    • Fixed an issue where many player-sourced Damage over Time effects could still miss invisible targets, rather than hitting them without removing the invisibility.
    • Fixed an issue where abilities that bounced to multiple targets could cause health desyncs in some cases and could fail to bounce when hitting blocking targets.
    • All returned damage from player-sourced attacks, such as Spiked Armor or Cutting Defense, can now be blocked and dodged to help add counter play to these effects.
    • Fixed an issue where numerous abilities were not obeying Line of Sight.
      • Arctic Wind and its morphs' damage
      • Blazing Shield's damage
      • Bone Totem and its morphs' fear
      • Caltrops and its morphs' damage
      • Crescent Sweep's damage
      • Elemental Storm and its morph's damage
      • Expert Hunter and its morphs
      • Frozen Gate and its morphs' initial placement
        • Note this ability will still retain its functionality of forcing targets to your position past line of sight if you move behind a wall after its been placed, as long as you are still within the range limit.
      • Grave Robber synergy's damage
      • Impaling Shards and morphs' damage
        • These abilities now also tick 12 times instead of 13, but their total damage is the same.
      • Lacerate and its morph's damage
      • Magelight and its morphs
      • Negate Magic and its morphs' silence
      • Permafrost's damage
      • Power Extractions' debuff
      • Restraining Prison
        • This ability now properly grants Major Vitality even if you hit no targets.
      • Revealing Flare and its morphs
        • You may now only have 1 of these Area of Effects active at a time.
      • Solar Barrage's damage
      • Spear Shards and its morphs' damage
      • Time Stop and its morphs
      • Unstable and Volatile Familiar's damage
      • Volatile Armor's damage

    • Ardent Flame
      • Fiery Breath
        • Engulfing Flames (morph): Reduced the Flame Damage taken bonus on this morph to a maximum of 6%, down from 10%. The total sum of Weapon and Spell Damage needed to reach the cap remains the same.
    • Draconic Power
      • Dark Talons
        • Choking Talons (morph): Reduced the cost of this morph to 3510, down from 4050.
      • Spiked Armor
        • Hardened Armor (morph): Increased the damage shield granted from this morph by 24%.
    • Earthen Heart
      • Obsidian Shield
        • Fragmented Shield (morph): Increased the duration of Major Mending granted from this morph to 6.667 seconds at base, up from 5 seconds. Don’t worry though, it’ll reach a nice whole number when you have your Eternal Mountain passive maxed out.

    • Grave Lord
      • Shocking Siphon
        • Mystic Siphon (morph): This morph now increases your Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery by up to 150 while it is active, rather than restoring up to 1260 Magicka over its duration.
    • Bone Tyrant
      • Bone Armor
        • Beckoning Armor (morph): This morph now attempts to pull valid targets once every 2 seconds, up from once every 3.
      • Death Scythe
        • Ruinous Scythe (morph):
          • This morph now deals Bleed Damage, rather than Physical.
          • This morph now applies the Hemorrhaging status effect on damage dealt.
          • This morph now sets all enemies Off Balance on hit, rather than every 3rd cast.
    • Living Death
      • Expunge
        • Hexproof (morph):
          • Reduced the cost of this morph to 1670 at its final rank, down from 1880.
          • The morph tooltip now properly states it reduces in cost as the ability ranks up.
      • Restoring Siphon
        • Mortal Coil (morph): This morph now increases your Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery by up to 150 while it is active, rather than restoring up to 1260 Stamina over its duration.

    • Assassination
      • Mark Target
        • Piercing Mark (morph):
          • Fixed an issue where the heal from this morph was lower than the base ability.
          • Increased the duration of the effects to 60 seconds at rank IV, up from 30.
      • Teleport Strike
        • Ambush (morph):
          • Increased the duration of Empower granted from this morph to 10 seconds, up from 3.
          • This morph now also grants Minor Berserk for its duration.
    • Shadow
      • Path of Darkness
        • Refreshing Path (morph): This morph now also grants Minor Endurance and Intellect for 4 seconds each tick.
      • Veiled Strike
        • Surprise Attack (morph): Fixed an issue where this morph had no upgrades as it ranked up. It will now deal 1.1% more damage per rank.
    • Siphoning
      • Drain Power: Increased the duration of Major Brutality and Sorcery granted from this ability and its morphs to 30 seconds, up from 20, to make up for the fact that they require a target to gain these effects.
        • Power Extraction (morph): This morph now also grants the caster Minor Courage for 30 seconds upon dealing damage.
      • Soul Shred:
        • Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs could ignore line of sight in some cases.
        • Fixed numerous issues where the damage or healing from these abilities could use the wrong stats to scale.

    • Dark Magic
      • Crystal Shard
        • Crystal Fragments (morph):
          • This morph now activates off any non-Ultimate active ability cast, rather than only Magicka costing abilities.
          • Reduced the proc chance to 33%, down from 35%.
        • Crystal Weapon (morph): This morph now causes your next two Light or Heavy Attacks to deal bonus damage, up from 1. There is a small cooldown on this to avoid the ability to instantly proc both, though!
    • Daedric Summoning
      • Summon Storm Atronach
        • Summon Charged Atronach (morph): This morph’s Area of Effect damage now always applies the Concussed status effect.
    • Storm Calling
      • Lightning Form
        • Boundless Storm (morph): Fixed an issue where this ability’s visual effects were not in sync with their combat effects.
      • Mages’ Wrath
        • Endless Fury (morph): Reduced the cost of this morph to 2160, down from 2430 to help reinforce the idea that you are able to endlessly cast it.
      • Overload
        • Energy Overload (morph): This morph now restores up to 1200 Magicka and Stamina, rather than up to 1192 Magicka. The restore now happens any time you use the Light or Heavy Attacks, rather than only when they deal damage.
      • Surge: Fixed an issue where the Major Sorcery granted from this ability was not ranking up in duration.

    • Aedric Spear
      • Sun Shield
        • Blazing Shield (morph):
          • Increased the radius of this morph to 8 meters, up from 6, to better match its visual effects.
          • Fixed an issue where the damage could fail to activate in many cases.
    • Dawn’s Wrath
      • Backlash: Increased the cost of this ability and the Purifying Light morph to 2160, up from 2000.
        • Power of the Light (morph): Reduced the cost of this morph to 1337, down from 1700.
      • Eclipse
        • Living Dark (morph): This morph's heal no longer scales with stats and instead heals for a base of 2000 Health when it triggers.
          Developer Comment:
          We're taking away some of the insane values of healing that this ability can have when stacking high stats, and instead taking a safer route with a flat value to ensure any role of Templar can still engage with the skill, but with less powerful results at the high end.
      • Solar Flare
        • Dark Flare (morph): Reduced the cost of this morph to 2430, down from 2700.
    • Restoring Light
      • Rite of Passage
        • Practiced Incantation (morph): This morph now allows you to move at a reduced rate while channeling it, rather than being unable to move at all.

    • Animal Companions
      • Feral Guardian
        • Wild Guardian (morph):
          • This morph now deals 10% more damage, up from 5%, to ensure it deals similar damage to Eternal Guardian when you take the Piercing Magic passive.
          • This morph now converts the damage to Bleed Damage instead of Physical, and each attack applies the Hemorrhaging status effect. Wild.
      • Scorch
        • Deep Fissure (morph): This morph now also applies Minor Breach to enemies hit for the duration.
    • Green Balance
      • Healing Seed
        • Corrupting Pollen (morph): This morph now also applies Minor Cowardice to enemies in the area, to help it gain some viability in PvE areas.
    • Winter’s Embrace
      • Arctic Wind
        • Arctic Blast (morph):
          • This morph now requires enemies to be damaged 5 times in order to be stunned, up from 3.
          • Reduced the duration of the stun to 3 seconds, down from 4.
          • Increased the duration of the stack counter to 3 seconds, up from 1.
          Developer Comment:
          Right now, this ability is offering too much offensive nature for the Warden, allowing them to line up their burst perfectly with Scorch to remove counter play. By increasing the stack count required, there should be less of a guarantee with this combination and require more reactive play from the caster, while the increased duration of tracking helps also reduce the ease of counter play by backing off for 1 second from the Warden to completely avoid the stun.
      • Crystallized Shield
        • Crystallized Slab (morph): This morph now also stuns the target upon dealing damage.
          Developer Comment:
          For the masters of Ice, Wardens are lacking a lot of hard control. Without giving them something too over the top to make them even more oppressive to melee attackers, we've opted to add in a reactive ranged stun option to help deter those ranged builds that naturally kite and hound Wardens.
      • Frost Armor
        • Expansive Frost Cloak (morph): Expanded the radius of this morph to 36 meters, up from 28.
      • Sleet Storm
        • Northern Storm (morph): This morph now grants 300 Weapon and Spell Damage for up to 30 seconds after casting, rather than up to 15% Max Magicka for 30 seconds. This should help the Ultimate be more impactful across play styles.

    • Two Handed
      • Reverse Slash
        • Reverse Slice (morph): This morph no longer deals damage based on its initial hit and instead deals damage to all targets around the initial.
          Developer Comment:
          This will allow the Area of Effect damage to be increased and decreased by bonuses, and to be calculated separately per target. It will also fix the issue where the damage continuously became weaker as it cascaded outwards, being diminished by each target’s defenses.
    • One Hand and Shield
      • Defensive Stance
        • Defensive Posture (morph): Fixed an issue where the passive bonuses from this morph could fail to apply in some cases.
      • Power Bash
        • Power Slam (morph): This morph’s passive, Resentment, now reduces the cost of your next Power Slam by up to 50%, rather than increasing its damage by 33%.

    • Heavy Armor
      • Heavy Armor Bonuses: Adjusted the bonus damage to Bash Attacks to grant 30 more damage per piece of Heavy Armor worn, rather than 3% more damage.

    • Vampire
      • Bloody Frenzy:
        • This ability and its morphs now grant up to 5 stacks, rather than 10. The total Weapon and Spell Damage granted is left untouched.
        • The cost now increases by 360 per tick, up from 250, for Blood and Simmering Frenzy, while the cost for Sated Frenzy is now 300, rather than 200. This will result in an approximate 20% cost reduction for each morph.
        Developer Comment:
        Based on much of the initial feedback we saw over last update, we've decided to help this ability ramp up a little quicker to make it feel more aggressive and ravenous for the user, while slightly easing back on the risk of using it since the reward isn't nearly as high as before.
      • Feed: This synergy now heals you to full Health after successfully casting on a target and feasting upon their life essence. Delicious!
      • Vampiric Drain: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs could be reflected despite being beams. Stop draining yourself!
    • Werewolf
      • Hircine’s Bounty
        • Hircine’s Fortitude (morph): This morph now grants Minor Endurance and Fortitude for 20 seconds after casting, rather than a unique amount of Health and Stamina Recovery based on the healing caused for 6 seconds.
        • Hircine’s Rage (morph):
          • This morph now also reduces the ability cost to 5063, down from 3737.
          • Increased the duration of the Major Berserk and damage taken to 10 seconds, up from 6.

    • Fighters Guild
      • Silver Bolt
        • Silver Shards (morph): Fixed an issue where this morph could sometimes fail to be recognized as a Stamina costing ability for certain proc conditions.
    • Mages Guild
      • Equilibrium: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs could not be cast if you had less than 6000 Health, even if the cost was less than 6000.
      • Fire Rune: Fixed an issue where the explosion from this ability and its morphs couldn’t be seen by enemies.

    • Added the following stars to the Extended Might Constellation:
      • Exploiter (Returning): Increases your damage done against Off Balance enemies by 2% per stage. 5 stages, 10 points per stage.
      • Force of Nature (New): Increases your Offensive Penetration by 900 for each status effect your target has. 1 stage, 50 points.
      Developer Comment:
      We're adding these nodes to help out two areas of feedback that are frequently brought up – Off Balance lacking oomph in organized groups as an impactful ailment, and a form of accessible Penetration outside of item sets for all those non-Light Armor builds out there.
    • Rebalanced the numbers and progression for a number of nodes:
      • The following nodes now grant 3% to their listed bonuses per stage, with 2 stages at 25 points per stage, rather than 2% with 5 stages at 10 points per stage.
        • Biting Aura
        • Deadly Aim
        • Duelist’s Rebuff
        • Enduring Resolve
        • Ironclad
        • Master-at-Arms
        • Thaumaturge
        • Unassailable
      • Backstabber: This node now grants 2% Critical Damage per stage, down from 3%.
      • Cutting Defense: This node now scales off the higher of your Physical or Spell Resistance, rather than your Max Health.
      • Fighting Finesse: This node now grants 4% Critical Damage and Healing per stage with 2 stages at 25 points per stage, rather than 2% Critical Damage and Healing with 5 stages at 10 points per stage.
      • Occult Overload: This node now deals 2560 Oblivion Damage per stage with 5 stages at 10 points per stage, rather than 2000 Oblivion damage per stage with 2 stages at 25 points per stage.
      • Riposte: This node now increases the damage done of your next direct damage attack by 33%, rather than dealing 4800 flat damage to your attacker.
      • Wrathful Strikes and Rejuvenator: These nodes now grant 41 Weapon and Spell Damage to their effects, up from 33.
      Developer Comment:
      Currently, many of the slotted stars that don't require much engagement are significantly stronger than many of their more unique counterparts. Rather than introducing an arms race and injecting power creep to the system, we've targeted the outliers to draw back some of their impact to make them more in line with where we expect while giving a tiny bump to some other stars.

    • The Companion interaction prompt will now only occur when the target reticle is placed directly over the Companion, reducing the frequency of the prompt appearing unintentionally.
    • Companions will now respond more consistently to various types of criminal activity.
    • Fixed an uncommon issue where Mirri failed to acknowledge her distaste of certain Reef Vipers when slain.

    • All Companions will now occasionally dynamically strafe in both melee and ranged combat.
    • Fixed an issue where your Companion could drop combat whenever Necromancers used the Blastbones ability.
    • Fixed an issue with Mirri's Impeccable Shot ability where she could occasionally get temporarily stuck in the casting animation of the ability.
    • Fixed an issue where heal from Mirri's Life Absorption ability could be dodged.

    Quests and Content
    • Doubled the amount of Companion skill progression gained from completing solo daily repeatable quests from the Fighters, Mages, and Undaunted guilds. Each quest completion will now provide the Companion with a full rank of progression in the associated guild skill line.
    • Companions are no longer set as inactive when your character is turned into a skeevaton, though they are still temporarily suppressed.
    • Enemies, Pets and Companions will now follow your character correctly in certain areas of Nchuand-Zel.
    • Fixed an issue where Mirri might not receive a rapport increase if you turned in an Ashlander daily while mounted.
    • You can no longer interact with your Companions while stunned or disoriented during a quest scene.

    • Items that belong to the "Night Mother's Embrace" set have been renamed to "Item of Mother's Embrace" to avoid confusion with items that belong to the "Night Mother's Gaze" set, as both sets items were named "Item of the Night Mother".

    • Fixed an issue where potions that granted invisibility would instantly break upon taking or dealing damage over time.

    Ability Altering Weapons
    • Frenzied Momentum: Fixed an issue where this set ended early when used with Forward Momentum. As a result of this fix, it will now extend past the ability duration of Momentum or Rally, allowing you to continue to generate stacks with the set for a short time after the abilities fall off.

    Dungeon & Arena Sets
    • Draugrkin's Grip: This set now increases all of your damage done by 330 and reduces your healing taken by 10%, rather than causing your direct damage attacks to cause enemies to take 617 more damage from your attacks for 6 seconds, once every 9 seconds.
      Developer Comment:
      This set has long been a staple set of providing an immense amount of sustained damage with some builds in single target, where stacking sources of minor damage caused the set to multiply in power to a staggering degree. While we like the gameplay that the set was enabling before to help attrition builds push out some damage, its application felt too overwhelming in single target and the reverse in Area of Effect. In addition, attrition builds naturally deal less damage and are harder to kill, so gaining a source of power with no scaling requirements or drawbacks created a situation where it was too powerful on bruisers, such as Dragonknights and Necromancers. The ability to apply to all damage at a lesser extent helps it bring some power to Area of Effect encounters while also reeling back some of its single target pressure, while the healing debuff ensures that even tank builds feel a bit of a bite in their ability to stay in the fight.
    • Elemental Catalyst: This set’s visual effects are now only visible to the wearer and enemies, to reduce the massive amount of battlefield clutter it could add to group encounters.
    • Glorious Defender: This set now causes you to dodge all attacks made against you the next time you would have been hit for 1 second, rather than only one attack.

    Monster Masks
    • Kargaeda: Fixed an issue where the damage from this set was not properly scaling with Area of Effect bonuses.
    • Maarselok:
      • This set now dynamically scales with the higher of your Weapon or Spell Damage, rather than only your Weapon Damage.
      • The damage from this set now increases by 10% per negative effect, up from 2%, but has a cap of 300% rather than no cap.
    • Spawn of Mephala: Fixed an issue where this set’s visual effects could fail to appear.
    • Tremorscale:
      • Increased the duration of this set’s effects to 15 seconds, up from 8.
      • Increased the cooldown to 10 seconds, up from 8.
      • Increased the damage done by approximately 4%.
      • This set now reduces the Armor of the enemy by 8% of the higher of your Physical or Spell Resistance, rather than reducing it by a flat 2395.
    • Zaan:
      • This set now applies a tether to the target that damages all enemies touching it, rather than a beam that only hits one target.
      • Reduced the base damage by approximately 52%.
      • Increased the duration of the set to 10 seconds, up from 6.
      • Increased the cooldown to 20 seconds, up from 18.
      • This set now has a guaranteed chance to apply Burning.
      • This set now requires a critical Light or Heavy Attack, rather than just a Light or Heavy Attack. Note that the proc chance remains the same.
      Developer Comment:
      After the adjustments in Update 32 to allow proc sets to critically strike when applicable, Zaan has fallen off course considerably despite its intense requirements for low mobility stationary encounters in PvE, while remaining relatively powerful in PvP when paired with crowd control and roots. Rather than merely increasing the damage or enabling Critical Strikes, we've decided to take some upfront damage away and put it into only long-term encounters in cleave situations, while giving it some cool synergy with the feel of the set, melting your enemies when they don't respect the flames. In addition to this, we've added a little more variance and chaos to the set to make sure it feels less reliable and more like of a window of opportunity that you must quickly adjust to.

    Mythic Items
    • Harpooner’s Wading Kilt:
      • Reduced the duration of the stacks granted from this set to 10 seconds, down from a minute.
      • Reduced the Critical Chance granted per stack to 110, down from 125.
      Developer Comment:
      We’re toning down the duration of this set to reinforce the need to stay in the fight and help this set become slightly more contextual than it is now, as it’s overshadowing a lot of other Mythic items in power and use by a significant margin. The reduction in Critical Chance isn’t huge but also helps shorten the gap ever so slightly against other options.

    Overland Sets
    • Shadow Dancer’s Raiment:
      • This set now causes you to dodge all incoming attacks within 1 second after leaving Stealth or Invisibility, with an 8 second cooldown, rather than causing you to ignore the Movement Speed penalty of Sneak.
      • This set no longer grants an extra 129 Stamina Recovery on its 5 piece bonus.

    PvP Sourced
    • Hrothgar’s Chill: Fixed an issue where this set would not proc off the stun from Heavy Attacking an Off Balance target.
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