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PTS Patch Notes v7.3.4

Community Manager
The Elder Scrolls Online v7.3.4 is the final incremental patch before Ascending Tide launches on March 14 for PC/Mac/Stadia and March 29 on consoles. In this patch, we’ve further adjusted Undaunted reputation gains, updated the stats for Deadly Bash, fixed additional bugs in Coral Airie and Shipwright’s Regret dungeons, and more. The size of this final patch is approximately 140MB.

In this patch, we have further adjusted Undaunted reputation gains to support Account Wide Achievements. In addition to increasing the amount of Undaunted reputation gains on most sources, we have also added new ways to gain even more Undaunted rep. This was done in an effort to make sure you have some more options and progression is not negatively impacted.

The current full values are illustrated in the table below:



  • Coral Aerie 
    • General 
      • Kaleen will now let Jakarn finish speaking before talking. 
    • Sarydil 
      • Player characters targeted by Sarydil’s Aperature ability will now always retain the hunters mark icon while affected. 
    • Varallion 
      • The Mind Sever effect will now always fire when intended, regardless of a player character dying. 
      • The Lightning Storm ability now has a persistent telegraph to denote the affected area and no longer increases damage in Normal difficulty. 
      • Reduced the damage, frequency, and screen shake of the Lightning Bolt ability.  
      • Reduced the health of the Ofallo, Mafremare, Iliata and Kargaeda in all difficulties. 
  • Shipwright’s Regret 
    • General 
      • Za’ji is much more animated when speaking and no longer ignores you if you do not have the quest. 
    • Nazaray 
      • Nazaray will no longer cast her Untamed Kindred or Locust Rain abilities after using the Liquidate ability. 


  • One Hand and Shield
    • Deadly Bash: This passive now increases damage of your Bash Attacks by 250/500, down from 750/1500, but also reduces the cost of Bash by 25/50%, up from 20/40%.
      Developer Comment:
      We're easing back the ease of access power that Bash builds have access to without making more operational costs to their builds (by making choices with sets, enchantments, or Champion Points), while giving a little bit back for them so it doesn't feel like a complete loss. We'll still be keeping a close eye on Bash builds moving forward, where they can feel like a cool niche playstyle without making them feel better at bursting people than an assassin.


Multi-Rider Mounts
  • Fixed an issue where multi-rider mount passengers would sometimes not take fall damage.
  • Companions dismounting from multi-rider mounts will no longer stand on top of the driver.
  • Fixed an issue where Companions on multi-rider mounts could rotate incorrectly while you are navigating through menus.
  • Fixed an issue where multi-rider mount passengers could sometimes play their standing animation on the back of the mount.

Anniversary Jubilee
  • Made some adjustments to how you interact with Chef Donolon so that things like fishing nodes behind him stop stealing your interaction button press when you aren't perfectly centered.

  • Fixed an issue where you could crash in rare cases when trying to leave housing.

  • The “Deadlands Lighting Rod, Etched” achievement furnishing is now solid on the bottom, instead of only appearing solid.
  • Slightly adjusted the books in the “Nedic Bookcase, Filled” furnishing, so that they don’t appear to clip into solid stone.
  • The “Fargrave Door” furnishing now has a handle on both sides, instead of only on the side you push from. Turns out it’s a lot easier to pull open doors when they have a handle, and you don’t have to just sorta pry open the edge with your fingernails.

  • The mountains in Seaveil Spire now have their appropriate textures, instead of some of them appearing grey and textureless.
  • Improved the collision above the central trench in the Seaveil Spire underwater courtyard so you can walk across it more smoothly.
  • Fixed a location where you could get stuck between two cliffs in Seaveil Spire.

Dragonhold Prologue
  • The Dragonguard's Legacy: Kasura should once again be visible on the relevant steps after accepting the quest from the Crown Store.

High Isle Prologue
  • A King’s Retreat
    • The Magus now disappears as intended after his conversation with the Champion.
    • You will now be lead correctly through the gate during the quest step to go to Lady Arabelle’s camp.
    • A portal to Windhelm no longer appears at the end of this quest.
    • Jakarn will no longer spout multiple VO lines at once at Sword’s Rest Isle.

Isle of Balfiera (new Tutorial)
  • Assistants can no longer be summoned in the Isle of Balfiera tutorial.

Gamepad Mode
  • Fixed an issue where a keybind would not display correctly at the bottom of the final scoreboard of a Battleground when using a keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue where the Excavation Tool Info keybind would not function.
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