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Alliance Change Token locked out all my characters from Gray Host

This morning I logged in on one of my alts to discover he was on the Daggerfall Covenant. Since I only play for Ebonheart Pact now, I purchased an Alliance Change token for him and went in to Gray Host. I have been playing on Gray Host for the duration of the current campaign and have logged in to that campaign on 6 other characters so far. After getting that character to Tier 1, I logged out to queue on another character, my main to whom the campaign was initially locked. Now, I am unable to access Gray Host on ANY character except for the one I alliance changed this morning. I have rewards on 6 other characters and I hope I do not lose them. This is also the start of a pretty big event and I'm locked out of my preferred campaign on all my characters, despite them all being of the appropriate alliance. Please fix this!
Edited by ZOS_Bill on February 23, 2022 11:19PM
  • Joshferatu
    Soul Shriven
    Also having this problem. Alliance changed a healer yesterday so I could bring him into my home campaign and level up assault/support, now all the other toons on that campaign get the message, "one of your characters from an opposing alliance is already assigned to this campaign," even though they're all the same alliance.
  • Lagz
    Same problem you can by pass it by changing that characters campaign to blackreach then all your characters should be able to use grayhost again
  • javajoe1981
    Soul Shriven
    I have the same issue, went through support and the issue was elevated to the developers but haven't heard a word back in 2 weeks. I know of a few others having the same issue as well.
  • ZOS_Bill

    If you've not done so, please go ahead and open a ticket with customer support for assistance with this issue.
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