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I am a PVE mag sorc running Bahseis and Medusa. My question , is Kinras worth running and why? Thx in advance!

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  • El_Borracho
    If you are in a trial, yes. Vet DLC dungeon, maybe. If you are doing anything else. no.
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  • etchedpixels
    And to explain why

    In a group situation Kinras gives you a major buff and your group mates a minor buff but takes time to fire up

    In a solo situation or with a less organized group Medusa gives you a constant buff, but one that you probably don't need or want in a trial (especially since the crit damage cap)

    Kinras thus helps the group a bit on big fights but in trash and most short dungeon fights it never gets to fire up at all. Medusa helps you all the time.
    Too many toons not enough time
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  • Seminolegirl1992
    Since you're on a magsorc, I would actually recommend Tzogvin's, which comes from Frostvault. Sorcs struggle with having bar space since pets do the most damage. I main a magsorc and my setup is this:

    Front bar: ele weapon, crystal frags, daedric prey, pet, pet, flawless dawnbreaker
    Backbar: unstable wall, necrotic orb, flex (heal, shield, boundless, another dot, w/e you want), pet, pet, atro

    Tzogvin's makes it to where you don't need to worry about having Minor Force from trap or channel acceleration on your bar, so it's useful when running a pet sorc, because now you have a free space for shield or heal or whatever else you want. Kinras is still good though if you would prefer keeping up minor force. I use kinras on my magdk because trap is part of my build :)

    I recommend 5 piece body bahsei, harpooner's kilt (have a bahsei shoulder to make up for this), slimecraw hat, tzgovin jewelry and staff, maelstrom backbar.
    @Seminolegirl1992 PC/NA CP 2075 PVE, PVP, RP, Housing: Moon Sugar, Grand Psijic, Forsaken, HOTLC, Bastion, Ravenhurst, Gardner, Alinor, Hakkvild's, Gorinir, Kragenhome, Hundings, & more- feel free to come see! My wishlist
    Main PVE: Rynne, breton mag dk
    PVP: Levexa, EP nord mag dk
    Crafter: Sabaki Taiyo, khajiit templar
    RP: N'zuri, Penelope Mecoud, Vhenasi Galanodel, Alassea Rilynn'urdrenn, Taiga Soulhammer, Jhaneyl Everhath, Nym Baenre, Eilistraee, Levexa, Rynne Galanodel, Mielikki, Hanali Celanil, Arwen Galanodel, Grainne. I think I have a problem.
    Former Empress | Flawless Conqueror | Gryphon Heart | Immortal Redeemer | Tick Tock Tormentor | Dro-m'athra Destroyer | vSS HMs | vAS+2 | vKA | vRG Oax/Bahsei HMs | vDSR | vDSA | vBRP | vVH | Crag HMs
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