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Regarding linked accounts with steam and both having recurring subs?

Soul Shriven
I figured I would try here first in case anyone else did what I did.

I could not find my disks and saw that steam had a sale (yes I forgot you could DL it from ESO directly *doh*) But anyway I had already bought it.
I also bought a 1 yr recurring sub via Steam.
I linked the ESOZenni and ESOSteam accounts together.

It then struck me that I already have a recurring sub via ESO directly.
So now I have 2 recurring subs on one account.

I read the support guide and the closest match to my issue mentioned that ESO zenni cannot see Steam subs for ESO, this implies I should cancel the one I bought on steam?

Basically I'm not sure which one I should cancel.
I don't want to mess up my account.

Has anyone else made this goof and what was the resolution / best course of action (if any)?

It's not urgent I mean I have months till the next billing cycle. Just want to do this right.

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  • Necrotech_Master
    if you already have a sub through zeni website, i would probably just cancel the steam sub then since the zeni website is for your normal full account management purposes

    (i was going to also mention about downloading from zeni site but see you already noted that in your OP lol)

    edit: the main thing about having the game through steam is you have to have your zeni acct linked to your steam acct to run the game through steam, so the zeni acct is basically the parent acct
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  • Danikat
    I'm not sure if Steam does it differently but cancelling a subscription bought through the ESO website won't stop it or get you the money back, all it does is stop it renewing.

    If you want to stop it right away and get a refund you'll need to contact support, and if ZOS are saying they can't see Steam purchases it sounds like you'll need to contact Steam directly.
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  • ZOS_Bill

    You'll want to cancel one of the subscriptions if you've not done so yet. For any help with linking issues you can contact customer support.
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