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Support keeps closing my tickets without replying.

I submitted a ticket in regards to a payment issue about a month ago. An agent got back to me with an erroneous response, so I elaborated on my original message. Two weeks go by, nothing. I update the ticket and wait another week, nothing. I'm then met with the following warning: "Read answer provided. / This ticket cannot be reopened or updated. If you need further assistance, please submit a new ticket."

Submitting a new ticket gets flagged for closing as it's a "duplicate". Support is currently ignoring me and blocking my means of reaching out to them. This feels like such a slap to the face considering I'm an ESO+ member and have been playing the game on and off since 2017...

I don't know what to do.
Edited by ZOS_Adrikoth on December 15, 2021 2:05PM
  • PeacefulAnarchy
    Try posting here:
    At the very least you should get a reply from a mod telling you how to file your ticket.
  • WraithShadow13
    I've never had a great support experience in online games, and ESO is no exception.

    Between this last year putting more people online, it being the holidays, and i'm sure a million other things, support can't be an easy job, but i'm finding it all too common lately, to get a generic copy/paste response that doesn't actually cover the issue i've had. I genuinely think Zos, as a company, just doesn't care. I'm sure most of the employees and devs love the community and game but support has been non-existent for me.

    At least it's not like Rockstar or EA...

    Nothing's worse than people showing you that they don't care about you or the problems you're having, so good luck on getting this issue resolved.
  • ZOS_Adrikoth
    Greetings @Maulclaw

    Could you please provide your ticket number so that we can check its status for you?
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