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Looking for a Guild

Soul Shriven
I play about 2 hours a night(cst)due to work.
I play PVE content and like doing to quests .i would like to do more with Dungeons and Trails . Learn the best with what I have . I took a 2 year leave in 2018 , and just came back . Would like a guild that is active and will to help and work with me . Thank you .
  • Nienna001
    Dawning of the Alfiq is a new upcoming guild that might be a good fit for you. They’re super chilled and enjoy helping others. 😬 Come check out the discord. https://discord.gg/6m7fZuu5. We are new, only a few weeks old but we do have have people from several different timezone already.
  • TiberiousAldis
    If you are still looking for a guild to help, I have started a guild designed to be just that- helping hands that want to work with each other! Add TiberAldis for an invite!
    Tiberious Aldis
    Grand Master
    The Knights of Corinthia
  • Xoric

    I know this post may be dated, but I am currently filling the ranks of Tamriel Veteran Coalition, and the goals of TVC meet exactly what you’re looking for. Laid back, casual, and everyone who’s joined so far is middle-aged with lives outside the game.

    Feel free to message me in game @Xoric

    Check us out here:


    Kind Regards,
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