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Turned into a vampire and lost most of my skillpoints

Soul Shriven
I got one of my characters turned into a vampire. I finished vampire quest and logged off. Some days later i logged on this character again and the character lost most, not all, of its skill points. This is a lvl 50 character which had enough skill points to play it normally as a magicka sorcerer. The unstable familiar, the mage light and the sould trap were still there, but unmorphed, and so were the khajiit skills and all craft skills. But all class-, weapon-, armor skills and so on are completely reset. When i logged on i had 3 skill points to spend. I was already in contact with Bethesda who looked into this and told me they could not do anything about it. They forwarded the mail to the developers and i should wait and see if there will be a future update for this problem. Several weeks have passed. Has anybody looked into this? This character is without skill points, as you can imagine, not playable. I collected some skyshards to at least have some skill points. But as a paying customer i expect more than just a vague: wait and see.
  • VaranisArano
    If you post your ticket # here, one of the mods will usually check that it's in the right place for you.

    If you don't have a ticket number, you should probably start a ticket. I tend to use the Ask For Help category in-game since that usually gets me an email response from Support. The first one is almost always useless, but when I reply and reiterate my problem, I get escalated to an actual person. If one of the mods takes note of this, they might have a better suggestion for where to put in your ticket? @ZOS_Kevin

    Once you do have a ticket going and you know it's in the right place, it's good to let it sit. Updating the ticket moves it to the back of the queue.
  • ZOS_Kevin
    Thanks for the ping @VaranisArano.

    @Strangerlove, if you place a ticket in for this, we can follow up with the team to see what is going on. When you have a ticket number, you can send it to us via this post or DM. Happy to look into it.
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  • Strangerlove
    Soul Shriven
    The ticket number is # 211127-003593
  • ZOS_Bill

    We have sent you a forum PM regarding your ticket.
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