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Furnishing Request: My Hopes for the Next MasterCraft Update

Overall, I would say this year has been successful as far as the additions we've gotten. Many of our requests were answered. But there are still a few left hung out to dry, and the next update will unfortunately be our last chance to get them. So I want to make the most of it.

—We still do not have those beautiful Leyawiin Wooden Floors as furnishings. They could be added in as part of the Leyawiin dailies, or even be added as a mastercraft furnishing. (As much as I tire of dailies, it would only make sense to be in with the rest of them.) It could also have a nice ceiling-texture underside.

—Railings. Something we still lack heavily. Beautiful railings with gaps can be seen all throughout Blackwood. Slanted and horizontal versions would be nice.

—Wooden posts/pillars. Many can be seen around Leyawiin. Currently, we have the "post" that is attached to the Leyawiin Wainscot wall. It is nice-looking, but it has an entire wall attached. I would like a solitary wooden pillar of some kind (without something like stone at the bottom).

—Roof pieces. I've seen this request around, and having roofing tile like seen in Blackwood would help us finish off our homes. There are many like myself who would also like a triangular roof piece. And I would also like a cone-shaped roof by itself, much like the top of the Leyawiin Turret structure.

—Armor and Weapon displays. They could be MasterCraft or just in general be added. Many different displays were added in with Fargrave as well. We could have individual armor pieces as well as displays like the merchant stalls. We are all adventurers, and would love to display some armor.

—Musical Instruments. Many are seen in Fargrave. Would love the inclusion of some if not all of them.

—Fargrave goods. I have made a post previously about it, but many of the displays in Fargrave are sought-after. My particular favorite is the alchemy stalls and shelves. A full overview of what's available can be seen here:

—Fargrave Structural Furnishings. Many of these sandy stone textures seen throughout are beautiful. Would love to have them.

—Empty Fargrave planters. Empty planters have been requested for a long time. Having one where we can insert our own plants would be lovely.

—Filled shelves. Many can be seen in Fargrave of all different goods. Stacked pots, bottles, baskets, cloths, books, armor, instruments... Filled Shelves would drastically save us slots in the long run. I came up with some concepts in this thread here:

Requests are also open for discussion. Is there anything people would like before the next "themed" year of furnishings rolls around? I want those Leyawiin wooden floors more than anything at the moment. I would go crazy if they were added lol.
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