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NB class tweaks (hybridization)


i spend around 124days playtime on this class. I played as Healer/magDD/stamDD/Tank

my suggestion for upcoming patch it would be nice to hybridization class skills.

1. Make every class skill to scale with your highest offensive stats.
2. Change Hemorrhage passive to give Minor Prophecy and Minor Savagery.
3. Change Magicka Flood passive to give 8% max mag and max stam.
4. Sap essence/Power extraction to give group buff (that could bring support NB more to group) you can even lower damage + duration to 10sec.
  • TheEndBringer
    NB here.

    1. This could get ugly. There's a lot of balance that goes into skills that will be used for weapon vs staff and if you do NB you'll have to do all the classes. Some skills though would be okay. For example, concealed vs surprise attack. I'd gladly take the extra sneak speed I get on my magblade for my stamblade.
    2. Perfection.
    3. Might be a little much but maybe not. I wouldn't turn down the extra stam. That entire tree is also totally geared for mag. It would be nice if there was another stam morph in there other than drain and strikes.
    4. Seems okay to me.
    Edited by TheEndBringer on November 23, 2021 6:33AM
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