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LF Small, casual PvE Guild

Greetings! Today, I find myself in search of a guild home in ESO. I play on the North American/Xbox server. A bit about me:

- I just hit CP 400.
- I very much prefer PvE (Dungeons, vet dungeons, world bosses, etc.)
- I'm casual (a couple hours a night, maybe more on the weekends)

As far as what I would like in a guild:

- A smaller setting (Probably 50 people tops; I have trouble with large numbers of people).
- A non-toxic environment. Wipes happen, people mess up, berating them won't help.
- A somewhat active Discord. I like being able to pop in and chat with guildies throughout the day.
- Primarily PvE focused. I like doing dungeons and vet dungeons. Never done a trial, but I would be down to try one.
- Active online in the evenings. I'm generally around from 7-10 PM EST.

If you think your guild might fit the bill, please shoot me a message on here or on Discord (foobiscuit11#2724). I look forward to hearing from you! See you in Tamriel!
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