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If I get another account on the same pc, will one account's add on settings overwrite the other?

I'm at max toons and I want to make another account for writs and daily purposes, and some trial coffers too. But my question is, upon logging into the new account, will all the individual saved variable settings for the addons of the first account be overwritten by whatever saved variables I create for the second account? And vice versa when I log out of the second account and back into the first one?
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  • etchedpixels
    If the AddOn was properly written it will save data per account, and some data per toon. There is a specific ability for an AddOn to make something truly global - or at least unless you have one steam and one non steam login.
    Too many toons not enough time
  • Baertram
    It depends on the addon. Even "if properly written" or let's say because it was properly written it could also provide settings to save for all accounts the same. Most addon's only provide either "per toon" or "per account" saved settings though. And often they differ per server you play on. Some older do not even differ this, unfortunately.
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