Xbox/NA Average Joes Guild. Looking for players to run normal trials

Soul Shriven
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XBOX/NA, 21+ guild

Looking for new or experienced players to run bi-weekly trials, primarily Sunday and Wednesday 9pm EST. All roles welcome. Will focus on normal trials, mostly nCR, nSS, and nRG to help members get end game gear.

We are a small but growing guild of about 50+ people of all skill levels. We don’t care if you parse 5k or 100k, our goal is to keep it casual, social, and most importantly, FUN!
If you are looking to make friends and run weekly casual events such as, trials, skyshard hunts, world bosses, dailies, hide and seek, fishing, housing events and much more, then Average Joe's might be just what you were looking for.

Check us out on our discord:

Or message PM me on here or Xbox. GT: Toxiicz v2
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