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The Chimney Sweepers are now recruiting! A brotherhood built on having fun, all levels welcome.

The Chimney Sweepers is a guild with a long history in ESO. Originally founded in 2016, the guild is traditionally a social guild that focuses on helping new players finder their way and veteran players run hard end game content. At this time, we are in rebuild mode and looking for laid-back, like-minded individuals to help spring us back to life.
The Chimney Sweepers value helping each other throughout the game in all aspects. That is why we accept players at all levels to join our brotherhood. We encourage everyone to get outside their comfort zone and jump into content with fellow members that haven’t ran with before. In fact, being in rebuild status right now provide opportunities that most guilds don’t have in rank advancement.

If you want a place, you can run any type of ESO content. If you want a place that tries to actively include you and avoid the common guild core groups. If you want to feel comfortable asking questions and getting help in the game without someone causing drama. Then we are your family. The Chimney Sweepers is the place for you because these are the aspects of the game we value. The only thing we ask in return is patience as we rebuild our ranks.

If you would like to join the brotherhood of The Chimney Sweepers please choose one of the options below:
  • Message the GM on Xbox: Scuba TCS
  • Join the Discord and request an invite:
  • Reply to this thread or message me your GT.

Thank you for considering The Chimney Sweepers as your choice in social guilds!
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