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Anyone here roleplay in cyrodill? (Would you share your story)

I'm a big pvp noob yet something about cyrodill excites me. I really love the layout of the land and the little towns I just hate gankers 😂. I would love to take a character to cyro and really play out a story. I wont say what my favourite faction aesthetics is cos idk i feel like it might sway some of the replies here. Let's say we are all neutral as far as factions are concerned, in the name of creativity. Wether you play AD, EP or DC its all fine by me. I have characters from all the factions btw.
  • wishlist14
    sometimes I RP that my skills fire. I don't think that's what you are looking for tho

    Thanks youre my only reply 😂😂😂
  • ClumbsyKhajiit
    Soul Shriven
    What do you hope to hear of? Those that stand tall when opposed? The DragonKnights, the original tanks, the hunters of blades and nightmare of ganks. Long has it been the bane of those that creep in the shadows. Patches themselves fear the toolkit of the forsaken warriors, for any buff would simply be too much.

    Perhaps you fancy the delicate dance between the falling onslaught of a dozen siege weapons raining over hundreds of soldiers as they compete against their friends, enemies, and everyone else for land, property and fame? Or simply you have a soft heart for the innocents who's homes and families are left decimated in between?
  • RaddlemanNumber7
    I have RP'd in Cyrodiil, but only in the sense that I don't stop RP'ing my RP toons when I take them there to do the quests and exploration. For them it's just another episode in putting the whole world to rights, the same motivation applies as elsewhere. Doing Cyrodiil does feel a lot like it's just box ticking though, for the sake of completeness.

    I guess there's an opportunity in Cyrodiil for an Imperial version of the Scarlet Judge. I have a spare Imperial NB sitting on the bench, perhaps I'll give it a go. Try and make a self-contained story out of it. Wandering Justice comes to Nibenay :smile:

    Edit: I'd better add that most of my RP characters use NPC aura colours to indicate required action, and red belongs dead. So, while I might not send an RP toon out on battle front missions or go zerg surfing, they would engage any target they encounter that has a read aura, and that would include alliance war enemies.

    The cosmos made them members of their own particular alliance for a purpose.
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    PC EU
  • VaranisArano
    I don't roleplay while I'm doing PVP beyond the occasional "Blood for the Pact!" warcry.

    Instead, I've worked Cyrodiil into the backstory for my main character.

    Captain Varanis Arano was a promising soldier from House Redoran who mildly distinguished herself in the fighting at the passes to Cyrodiil before her unit was ambushed by the Worm Cultists in Lake Arrius Caverns. One by one they were all sacrificed by Mannimarco to Molag Bal...and the Vestige emerged from Coldharbor.

    Since experiencing all three Alliance questlines, Varanis still hasn't forgiven the Dominion for what they did in Shadowfen. But now that she's met good people on each side, she's mostly lost her appetite for war.

    (So when I quest now, I roleplay as the older, more worldly Vestige that Varanis became. When I fight in Cyrodiil, it's with the cheerful love of battle of the younger Captain Arano.)
  • Vevvev
    I know my first vampire RP guild back in the day ((Before One Tamriel)) did their founding in the chapel by Brindle. That is about it though as many don't go there to RP due to the risks, the fact chat is faction locked, you can't group with others on other factions, and the introduction of housing means you can just craft your own scenes. Roleplaying there just doesn't work unless everyone is on the same side, accepting of the risks, and able to actually defend themselves should trouble find them.
    Edited by Vevvev on September 14, 2021 8:22PM
    PC NA
    Ceyanna Ashton - Breton MagDK
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