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City of Ash 2 crashing PS5

Soul Shriven
I know this has been reported before, but after the first boss in City of Ash 2 after you go thru the portal, as soon as you start fighting mobs the console freezes, I have verified this 5 times, you have to press the power button to get to the Home Screen to submit a report. This has been broken for over 2 months now, with no Developer response.

If you guys aren’t going to fix it like any respectable company would, at least remove it from pledges as it is in there every few days and it is something a lot of us PS5 users cannot complete.

I really enjoy the game, but bugs like this that aren’t fixed are why I would request a full refund on all money spent on Elder Scrolls thus far, as it is something that shouldn’t be happening at all from a company like Zenimax who has Bathesda’s backing.

The other issue is the blatant lack of support for consoles period. The UI is so restrictive that any MMO since Everquest has been better. We should be able to move UI elements around, resize individual windows, the basics that any MMO had 20 years ago.

Hopefully these things are being considered or someone can at least let us know that to Zenimax Console players aren’t being supported or getting any quality of life improvements. I think the garbage UI has been the same since Day 1, and if your designers think it is at all good, maybe hire some new people or get someone to just take a look at the UI.

  • Ken_Koerperich
    I concur.

    I had been staying away from CoFII because of this, but the "Random" threw me in there Friday AM, and wouldn't you know it....

    Got thrashed/crashed & booted from the party by the time I got the game restarted....

    So, CoFII is a NO GO for PS5 users currently....

    Please fix!!
  • ZOS_Bill
    We have recieved multiple reports of crashes on the PS5 since the console enhancement patch. As there are now multiple threads reporting these crashes we've decided to close this thread. You can still continue discussion and find troubleshooting in the thread linked below.

    Game keeps hard crashing on PS5
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