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Master Writs

Hello! I haven’t played for awhile. Do your chances of receiving a master writ still depend on how many motifs you know? I am so far behind now.
  • cynicalbutterfly
    From what I've been told, yes this is still true. Also welcome back!
  • Karivaa
    Thanks! There is no way I can learn all the new writs lol
  • ghastley
    Is it known how the extra chapter and DLC motifs affect the calculation? Does the chance gradually drop off if we don’t keep up, or is there a cap at some point where learning more makes no difference?
  • tmbrinks
    It would be nearly impossible to collect enough data to make a definitive conclusion without some very dedicated record keeping by character from lots of people while knowing exactly how many motifs you know as to whether or not there is one.

    It IS KNOWN that it requires COMPLETE motifs known to have an effect, which seems to indicate that it is achievement based. That is, when the achievement on that character is completed, it adds to the drop rate.

    That said, ANECDOTALLY, it appears that it is a tapering effect. Learning a few full purple motifs does provide a noticeable increase in drop rate over knowing none at all. The metadata I have from my two accounts would suggest this, as my main account has a higher "base" level of knowledge of motifs over my alt account, and does see statistically higher drop rates of motifs. There was also an increase in drop rates on the alt account as it learned some easily available purple motifs (Hollowjack, etc..), more than could be explained by a "linear" increase of only knowing like 3/100 motifs on those characters.

    It's believed that the base game, single book purple motifs, DO NOT affect this drop rate.

    All evidence and data I've seen suggests that knowing "all the motifs" does not provide a significant increase in drop rates over knowing a few of the motifs.

    I'm a math person, I think the drop rate chance is some sort of summation function


    Where n is the number of total motifs that you know.

    This would mean if you know 1 full motif, you get a 1% increase chance. If you knew 2 full motifs, you'd get 1% + 0.5% = 1.5% The 50th motif learned would increase your odds by 1/50 (0.02%) in this function.

    This would make the first motifs learned the bulk of your increase in knowledge, but even learning the 100th motif would increase the chance ever so slightly.

    I have NO IDEA if this is what they actually use (but it'd make some sense as it'd be easy to program and compute), but this would fit with the anecdotal evidence that we have.

    (I have tracked some data by character as to the drop rates based on motifs known, but as I opened with, it would take YEARS, if not DECADES of daily writs on characters (without changing motif knowledge at all) in order to determine the pretty small increases that the motif knowledge would gain us at the tail ends)
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  • redlink1979
    Tradeskill mastery (which determines your odds of receiving a master writ from a top tier writ reward box) is meant to imply a long-term dedication to the craft. This varies from tradeskill to tradeskill.

    For Blacksmithing, Clothier, and Woodworking, this means motif knowledge and overall completion of trait research. This does not include Crown-exclusive motifs or motifs for the 9 base player races. It focuses on motifs that take some effort to learn – like Xivkyn, or Minotaur, or Celestial.
    For Provisioning, this is instead your collection of known purple and gold recipes as they are a strong overall representation of dedication to craft.
    With Enchanting, we instead look at the total overall rune word translations you’ve completed on that character.
    And with Alchemy, we look at how many reagents from which you’ve completely learned all effects.

    Over time, the contributing factors for this may expand as the associated tradeskill mechanics do.

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